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Tweet your way to business growth!


The marketing paradigm is shifting. Marketers of today are no longer constrained by restrictive traditional methods; now the only limitation on a marketing campaign is the creativity of the team behind it.

Companies are beginning to understand the importance of social media marketing as a means of really engaging with their target audience. In the digital world marketing does not necessarily equal adverts, adverts can sound forced, talking at your audience rather than with them and that’s why social media marketing focuses on creating content. Content does not act as a gatekeeper to entertainment like the forced radio ads that disrupt your morning commute, rather it provides a means of conversing with your market. It allows you to educate them instead of bombarding them and delight them instead of boring them. Most important of all it provides you with the resources to listen to them.

INCo has been quick to embrace this new shift and have a dedicated inbound marketing team armed with the best tools in order to leverage this platform to its fullest potential. We know that our clients cannot afford to ignore a marketing channel that has 2.3 billion users worldwide, and that’s why we can help you to build the best social media strategy for your business and form strong connections with the right contacts.


Social Strategy Building

With the number of platforms and types of messaging available it is important to develop the correct strategy for your audience, this strategy will guide you on how to become the voice they seek out rather than a voice lost in the crowd. A social strategy or ‘style guide’ is an essential element of any modern sales and marketing strategy. A well-defined “style guide” is vital as it allows you to ensure your company’s ‘voice’ remains the same, wherever it is heard.

Social Media can be an excellent way of promoting your brand as well as your primary sales messages, however, without a clear strategy it can be difficult to realise a return on your investment.

INCo has a dedicated digital team with a wealth of experience in creating bespoke strategies based on generating qualified sales lead to achieve business growth. Our team knows what type of content works in what channel and focuses on helping you engage with your audience and generate leads.

Our services include:                                                             

- Specific brand and product analysis
- Assistance in creating a strategy (style guide) to ensure consistent messaging
- Scheduled synchronised posting to all preferred social media
- Tracking of notifications, mentions, shares and clicks

Social Connection Building

Some marketers forget that social media belongs first and foremost to the consumer not the marketer. Our consumers have allowed us to enter their lives on a platform that was once reserved for nurturing relationships with their closest family, or re-connecting with old friends, or connecting with new ones. These are the approaches a digital marketer should take today, using social media as a means of nurturing the relationships we have with existing customers, reaching back out to previous customers and building lasting connections with our prospects.

Whatever your marker for social success, it will be defined by the people consuming the content you produce. Building an audience that engages with your brand is an on-going process and the digital team at INCo works with organisations that are just embarking on their social media journey, as well as with those who have already established a strong social presence.

While high quality content is central to ensuring your audience continues to grow and your authority in the market is enhanced, our expert team works with a range of tools and techniques to help build a closely targeted and engaged audience without invading their space and crashing their social media party.

Our services include:

  • Using the strategy, or style guide, to optimize posting schedules for audience building
  • Using targeted content, e.g. hashtags (#) on Twitter and posting into relevant LinkedIn Groups


Marketing Automation

INCo has partnered with HubSpot in order to further develop our digital team’s expertise as well as gain access to one of the world leading marketing automation tools. HubSpot brings together all of a business’ social media accounts allowing our team to constantly monitor the success of a campaign with up to date analysis of your target audience’s response or allowing us to react quickly to changes in the social environment.

One of the most discussed difficulties that arises within social media marketing is the ability to really prove a return on investment. HubSpot provides access to real time analytics of a campaigns health, to both INCo’s marketing team and your own organisation allowing full visibility of every tweet success, every connection made on LinkedIn and every like on Facebook, all in one easy to use interface. It also integrates flawlessly with allowing you to track your leads as they progress from a simple retweet all the way through to closed deal. Therefore, you are really able to see what works for your company and what doesn’t, allowing you to develop your “style strategy” to meet the expectations of your consumers. This integration means you are able to assess exactly where a lead came from and have full visibility of if your social media efforts are converting to opportunities.

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