Check out our resources below for ebooks and guides which will lead you through the Direct and Digital approach to B2B Lead Generation.



Digital Transformation in Sales and Marketing

Download our eBook to discover the latest insights into how sales and marketing has changed to keep up with digital transformation and how we as sales and marketing professionals can use these advancements to stay ahead of our competition.




Strategy Starts with the Buyer. Getting to Know Your Buyer Persona

In this eBook we consider the importance of really understanding who your target audience are in order to create a bespoke program of sales and marketing activities tailored to your unique audience; one that has been designed to create an impact and drive results.



The Power of Sales Enablement

Read our guide to learn exactly what Sales Enablement is and the techniques you need to start applying today to empower and support your sales team to successfully engage prospects. 

Create your perfect sales team by harnessing the power of sales enablement.


The Key to Optimising B2B Lead Generation.png

Direct & Digital Marketing:
The Key to Optimising B2B Lead Generation

Lead generation activity should be integrated within your organisations overall marketing strategy but often the struggle to gain resources, channels and messages can get in the way. Read this eBook to address the challenges in optimising B2B Lead Generation.



The Ultimate Sales Handbook for Progressing Leads

Progressing Marketing Leads through Sales is essential for effective Lead Generation and ROI growth, but it is not always as straight forward as it first seems. Use these Top 10 Tips to improve your sales lead conversion rate, gain satisfied customers and repeat business.




Planning a Successful B2B IT Lead Generation Campaign

Only 1 in 10 marketers say their lead generation efforts are efficient and effective. When used correctly Telemarketing can be one of the most cost effective lead generation channels. Use this reference guide to make sure your efforts are both efficient and effective.



The 6 Marketing Metrics Your Boss Actually Cares About

Make sure the numbers you report on are highlighting the value delivered and demonstrating a justification in expense. This guide explains 6 Marketing Metrics to allow you to showcase the bottom line in how your efforts have contributed value. 


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