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Get in Front of your Buying Market and Grow your Sales Pipeline with INCo’s Complete Outbound Lead Generation Service

A successful business-to-business outbound lead generation campaign will enhance your current sales pipeline and has the potential to increase your sales significantly.  Many highly successful global organisations, within the IT and Consulting markets, look to leverage INCo’s 14 years of experience to assist them in speaking to their buying market, securing new customers and, ultimately, to further grow their business.Recruiting and managing a proactive, internal sales team can be costly and time-consuming.  This takes time and dedication!  INCo’s team of motivated Business Development Consultants are trained to the highest of standards and the INCo management team understands the fundamentals of motivating and retaining a quality outbound calling team.INCo’s overall aim is to generate fully qualified sales leads for our customers and to help them improve / enhance their current conversion rates.  Working with the professional team at INCo to get your lead generation strategy right, you will enhance your reputation and increase your presence within your target market(s).



INCo’s Outbound Marketing Services

INCo appreciates that every client campaign is unique, therefore, we ensure that every aspect of a campaign is tailored to suit an individual client’s requirements and is in line with your sales strategy.  Some of our client outbound engagements include:
  • Generating fully-qualified face-to-face new business engagements for our clients
  • Creating a campaign into a new vertical or target decision maker
  • Introducing a new product / service to an existing market
  • Profiling and then engaging with key personnel within a set of key target accounts
  • Nurturing a pipeline of leads on behalf of our clients until they are ready for direct sales engagement
  • Following up on post-event activities to gauge interest from both attendees and non-attendees with the outcome of closing to a direct engagement


Starting a Campaign with INCo

When it comes to being successful, INCo leaves nothing to chance, and will ensure that during our thorough on boarding process, all bases are covered including:

Messaging & Training – understanding our client’s prospects, their key go-to-market themes, unique selling points and competitive landscape is key to ensuring a successful campaign delivery. All INCo Consultants are given direct training from clients and on-going training internally ensures the messaging stays current.  Physical packs are also put in place with all relevant collateral to support and enhance the direct training

Pre-defined Lead Qualification Criteria – when closing opportunities for any of our clients, INCo must ensure that they are with the right type & level of contact, for the right type of organisation and within the right timescales. The need must also coincide with the service offering provided by our client.  Agreeing these criteria at the campaign set-up stage is vital to ensuring all opportunities found are in line with expectations

Calling Team – when selecting individuals to deliver a campaign, INCo looks at previous experience, in addition to calling style to ensure the right Consultants call on each campaign

Data – prior to any campaign commencing, it is essential that the data set being targeted matches the client’s requirements and the agreed target audience. INCo spends time building a data set with specific target contacts in advance of kicking-off a campaign

Outbound lead generation, if planned and managed properly, is a highly effective tool. By outsourcing to the sales orientated and experienced team at INCo you have the potential to significantly increase your sales pipeline and grow your customer base. 


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