Marketing Strategy Development




Aligning Marketing and Lead Generation to Grow Sales Pipeline 

Strategy development is the most important part on your lead generation journey. Understanding what you are trying to achieve is the first step, but many of our clients struggle with how they are going to get there. INCo’s Inbound Marketing and Campaign Management team, work with our clients to develop a Marketing and Lead Generation strategy to get in front of their buying markets.


Optimise your strategy alignment with direct & digital marketing

Go-to-Market Strategy

Building a marketing strategy geared towards facilitating your prospects with their buying research and addressing their challenges optimises lead generation by providing a customer centric approach. INCo help our client’s develop their entire marketing strategy; beginning with goal setting, then building marketing campaigns to help them get there.

Once we work with our clients to define their Buyer Personas, we map out a series of content offers relevant to our prospect at each stage of the Buyer’s Journey (Awareness, Consideration, and Decision). INCo will look at any existing content that can be used or repurposed to drive lead generation. We define a multi-channel strategy in partnership with our clients, which often includes blogging, social and email as the main mechanisms to drive people to these offers and generate leads. We map out a content schedule, driving people at each stage of their journey.  Whilst one stage might be the primary focus to generate leads, it is important that we are capturing leads at every stage of the buyers’ journey, as even early stage prospects are the potential customers of tomorrow. Initial keyword insight is crucial, identifying a series of core aspirational but realistic keywords that we want to rank for. These form the basis of the content on which we collaborate with our clients, that underpins the strategy.

A dedicated INCo Campaign Manager will operate as your virtual marketing manager to drive your Direct and Digital marketing, with our Inbound Marketing team as another arm of your marketing function. INCo work with our clients on an ongoing basis to ensure the strategy set out is achieving the defined goals, and will refine and update the strategy on an ongoing basis.


Buyer Persona Development

This is the starting point of any Inbound Marketing and Lead Generation program. Before we implement any activity, INCo look to gain a clear understanding of who we are talking to. Demographics are important, but are not enough. We need to understand how our prospects (gather information and where they go to do this online (LinkedIn Groups, Twitter etc). INCo use this insight, feedback from both our Inside Sales Team and our client’s Business Development team, and feedback from existing customers to determine what challenges they encounter, building a strategy that focuses on addressing those pain points and ultimately presenting our clients’ solutions as an answer to these problems. Detailed Buyer Personas can guide project development and help INCo and our clients to understand where best to allocate resource.



Analytics and Reporting

INCo’s clients are paired with a dedicated Campaign Manager, who provide feedback on a regular basis along with a monthly Project Summary Report, to give our clients full visibility of the work carried out.

With a marketing automation tool such as HubSpot, the old adage “50% of my marketing is working, but I’m not sure which 50%” is dead.  HubSpot provides visibility on which assets are performing best in terms of generating leads, but equally, where all the activity is occurring (Organic Search, Referral, Social, Email etc.) However, being able to interpreting this data is key. INCo will work with you to analyse the data HubSpot provides, and use it to consistently iterate and improve the performance of ongoing campaigns.

This information can be fed back from INCo through Closed Loop reporting to allow the client full visibility of what is working and what is not.  The HubSpot tool gives our Inside Sales Team and our clients’ Business Development team full history of a prospect’s interactions online, and therefore greater context when engaging in conversation with prospects, focusing in on addressing specific customer challenges - a consultative and customer-centric approach. This gives much greater value to a prospect during the sales cycle and will ultimately position our clients as the right solution to those challenges.


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