Lead Nurturing



Let INCo take the time to re-engage valuable pipeline

Lead nurturing is the process of building relationships with consumers and customers throughout the Sales Funnel and at every step of the Buyer’s Journey.

Generating leads is at the centre of most marketing team’s objectives, yet most companies never take full advantage of the investment they have spent in getting those leads. When there is a push to generate more sales, marketing tend to concentrate on generating even more leads. Which often means sales struggle as they receive an influx of leads of all different stages and they miss the low hanging fruit. The hot leads get worked and the rest gather dust in the CRM. Then more new leads surface and the cycle continues.

Everyone recognises the importance of nurturing leads – it’s cheaper and more valuable than generating new leads. Yet, how much resource and focus is placed on this process? Is it monitored and ROI measured? If the answer is unclear, it probably isn’t getting enough attention, this is something INCo is changing.

At INCo, we believe there are four main business areas that Lead Nurturing can assist in;

  • Pipeline Nurturing
  • Digital Lead Follow Up
  • Old Lead Re-engagement
  • Event Follow Up


Pipeline Nurturing

Being in front of your buying market with what they need, when they need it is achieved by carefully nurturing your sales pipeline.

Prospects are at different stages of the buying cycle and consequently require different information.  They don’t want to be rushed, but a drip feed of educational and market relevant content ensures your business remains front of mind and can help to expedite buying decisions.

INCo’s Direct and Digital approach allows you to develop a clear understanding of what your prospects are saying and tailor your sales strategies accordingly.

Our experienced campaign teams understand how to combine telemarketing and digital communication channels to best effect.  They are experts at creating content, from whitepapers and webinars to blogs and thought-leadership collateral, that can be shared via email or social channels (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn Twitter), and can help optimize your website for your buying market. Additionally, during telemarketing we are able to glean the most relevant information, to understand when these prospects might be in the market for your solution. We understand buying cycles, and when these might renew, openly discuss which competitors might already be engaging with a prospect, and put a routine in place to actively nurture these prospects with the client information and value proposition until they are ready to become a Qualified Sales Opportunity.

INCo’s Direct and Digital approach allows you to:

  • Educate the buying market
  • Build long lasting relationships
  • Combine telemarketing and digital channels to best effect
  • Be sales ready

Digital Lead Follow Up

Inbound Marketing and the digital revolution has created a mind boggling array of marketing channels that can be used to promote your business including:

  • Websites
  • Email Marketing
  • Landing Pages
  • SEO
  • Blogs
  • Social Media

However, it’s what you do with the information these channels generate, that will make a positive difference to your bottom line. A lead from this source is most often considered a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) and often is not yet ready to be engaged directly for a consultation or quote. Instead, depending on their position in the sales funnel they may require further company or product / solution information and this is something INCo is experienced in offering.

INCo has extensive experience of helping clients understand how best to follow up digital leads.  We can help your business by creating the necessary resources and executing the processes and procedures to ensure a return on your investment:

  • Integration with your internal systems – e.g. Salesforce.com, or equivalent
  • Fast, efficient turnaround of inbound interactions
  • Business Development Consultants with an in depth knowledge of your value proposition for follow up campaign(s)
  • Creating Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) from Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) by putting you in front of your buying market


Old Lead Re-Engagement

Organisations spend a lot of time and commit significant resources to ensuring new opportunities are fully explored and exploited. However, this is not the only pool we should be tapping. Previous leads – customers who were unable to re-engage due to budgetary issues or management changes may still be promoters of your organisation without receiving the benefits.

Our experienced team carefully analyses sales history and contact data and becomes the vital bridge between marketing and sales. Their valuable insights allow us to skilfully re-ignite relationships and re-insert prospects into the appropriate stage of your sales pipeline - streamlining your operation and efficiently generating new business.

In an inside sales environment resources can be finite and some prospects will inevitably be neglected and sales opportunities missed, however working with INCo, we can target these old leads on your behalf and put you back in front of that buying market.


Event Follow Up

Once you’ve organised and successfully filled an event with your target audience, it’s imperative your key messages are delivered in a way that keeps your buying market engaged.

The follow up process can be just as important as the event itself.  Our team is skilled at creating the necessary resources and executing the processes and procedures to ensure a return on your investment:

  • Collation of attendee details
  • Structured feedback
  • Unique attendee database creation – for ongoing use and prospect nurturing
  • Business Development Consultants with an in depth knowledge of your value proposition for follow up campaign(s)
  • Provision of qualified follow-up opportunities for your sales team

INCo does this in a number of ways; through targeted email marketing, directing attendees to ‘free’ content on the website that would otherwise be gated, or simply calling to see if they’d like to be engaged in a further conversation following the event.


Lead Nurturing is an important part of a healthy lead generation business, and ensures that all your customers; past, present, and future, feel that they are receiving a top class service, regardless of where they are in the sales funnel and continue to engage with you for years to come.


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