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Understand your Key Targets and Engage with their Decision Makers

Key Account Mapping & Targeting is a simple concept; it is about identifying and focusing on a number of organisations that are most likely to generate continued revenue for your organisation. Sounds like a no brainer right? Well then why are so few companies using this form of marketing to their advantage? Most of the time, it’s simply a matter of time – marketing departments are so busy using inbound and digital marketing to attract net-new business, and sales departments are so busy following up on those leads, as well as their own new business – that identifying and focusing on those key accounts is a task that can fall by the wayside.



Why is Account Mapping So Important?

It enables your organisation to understand which customers, or potential customers deserve your attention and time, and when. Everyone’s time is finite, and when we spend that time on customers who require more nurturing; low revenue or have finite business, we are losing time that could be better spent on building relationships with customers that are more relevant to achieving your business goals.This activity can be an important part of bringing together your Sales and Marketing teams, as Sales will be freed up to focus on Key Accounts, while Marketing is able to continually nurture those other accounts through inbound processes, for example; email marketing, social media engagement, invitations to Webinars – activities that continue to push organisations along the sales funnel, but do not become the responsibility of Sales until they are ready to engage.



Key Account Targeting

Creating a list of targets within a market is an important exercise when it comes to understanding the scope of your opportunity.  Prioritising targets within this list highlights those organisations where you believe the opportunity is greatest.

It is important to have an in depth understanding of these aspirational accounts and INCo has the expertise and experience to create a detailed picture of structure, buying behaviours, primary drivers and key contacts within the business.

Our highly skilled team uses a variety of tools, including BASHO Emails to:

  • Build credentials
  • Develop strong relationships
  • Generate pipeline


Key Account IT Estate Mapping

Here at INCo, we have an unparalleled database of contacts, across organisations worldwide, which has been sourced and developed over a number of years and is constantly updated. As a result, our highly trained team can build a comprehensive picture of an account’s IT Estate and a key decision maker hierarchy, as well as other information particularly relevant to a client’s campaign.

INCo has previous experience in sourcing the following types of information:

Server(s) information – suppliers, age, and general contract length
Hardware inventory – suppliers, age, and general contract length
Software inventory – ERP / CRM / Business Intelligence / HR & Payroll / Marketing Automation Tools – users, age and whether decisions are company-wide or autonomous
Disaster recovery, backup solutions – whether they are in place, and happy with solutions
Communications systems inventory – unified communications, phone systems, number of handsets, supplier, contract length
Cloud technology - currently adopted or in pipeline, supplier, systems used, data security

This thorough understanding of every target organisation allows our Campaign Managers to develop closely targeted and exceptionally efficient campaigns, designed to address existing and future requirements.

Campaigns comprise a range of inbound and outbound marketing initiatives, carefully structured to maximise our clients’ sales opportunities.  Activities include:

Direct Email Marketing
Social Media Strategies

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