The INCo Marketing For Growth Report

INCo offers a no obligation consultation that explores your current marketing plan and provides a report detailing how INCo can assist you engage with your buying decision makers in your target marketplace and generate a pipeline of leads that will convert every month into the future.

The INCo Marketing For Growth Report will detail:

  • A High-level 12 month Marketing & Business Development Plan
  • Definition of High Level goals relating to growth through new business
  • The relevant blend of marketing required such as:
     - Value Proposition Development
    - Decision Maker Persona Development
    - Blogging Strategy
    - Social Strategy
    - Optimising your Website for Sales, Marketing and lead nurturing
    - Email marketing and prospect nurturing
    - Business Development Telemarketing – Closing The Leads
  • The size of your target marketplace by organisation
  • The number of contacts INCo can provide in this market