Inbound Marketing.


Lay the Inbound Marketing Foundations, Attract Your Customers to You

The term Inbound Marketing was first coined in 2006. It focuses entirely on bringing the customer to you. Traditional marketing efforts are all about beating the competition; who has the best TV ad, who has the most prominent billboards, who has the most sought after model or celebrity endorsing and publicising their brand. While these efforts were successful in the past, these days, consumers are much smarter, and have a wealth of information at their fingertips.

Inbound Marketing is about creating and sharing content relevant to your industry, and designed specifically to appeal to your target customers in order to attract prospects to your business and encourage them to convert into customers.


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The Key Factors of Inbound Marketing

Some key factors that set Inbound Marketing apart from traditional marketing methods include:

Lifecycle Marketing – Inbound understands that the people who engage with your marketing may be at different stages in their Buyer’s Journey: Stranger, Visitor, Customer, Promoter. We can use smart pages, and other specific actions to feed them content that matches their stage to help move them through the funnel to the next stage.

Personalisation – similarly to the above, Inbound Marketing learns about your visitors’ behaviour, and allows you to show them targeted content, in the right channel, in the right place to appeal to their needs.

Multi-Channel Approach – Inbound Marketing utilises all digital channels; using optimisation for mobile and desktop access, all social media platforms, and e-Marketing to approach prospects where they are, in the channel they choose to interact with you. 

The Inbound Methodology




The Inbound Methodology is designed to entice potential customers to your brand organically and is about earning a consumer’s interest rather than buying it. We do this by giving great content in return for asking for a little bit of information allowing us to track visitors and turn them into customers and promoters.


The Buyer’s Journey

To attract, convert, close and delight prospects, we must create and distribute content that appeals to them. In order to do this effectively, we consider the journey a buyer takes as they first identify and research the challenges they are experiencing, before making a decision to purchase.

By creating content that resonates with the specific situation a prospect is experiencing at each stage of the Buyer’s Journey we are able to attract and engage with potential customers regardless of where they are in their journey. Further to this, by offering prospects pieces of educational content, we can provide them with the answers they need in order to progress through their journey and become customers.  



INCo uses the full scope of the Inbound Marketing methodology to assist our clients in getting in front of their buying market. We are able to run full Direct and Digital marketing campaigns, which include;

Buyer Persona Sessions – INCo work with clients to understand their ideal customer base and how to target them.

Content Planning Sessions – we can create a 12-month go-to-market plan which encompasses all multi-channel inbound marketing, allowing us to understand how much content can be used from their current set up and how much we need to create.

Content Creation – our in-house digital marketing team can design and build everything from landing pages and content offers, to tweets and LinkedIn Group strategies. They can also juggle traditional e-Marketing campaigns and BASHO emails used to reconnect with prospects that would traditionally go cold.

Full marketing automation – through our marketing automation platform, INCo can take care of everything from sending emails, to social media publishing, to search engine optimisation, and provide analytics to show real-time ROI on spend and show which channels are performing best and which need help.

Complete Direct & Digital marketing service – using our knowledge of the inbound methodology, we can execute campaigns that attract visitors to your site and monitor them as they move through the Buyer’s Journey. Once they express an interest in your services, then our Business Development team can then call them and confirm a Sales Qualified Lead.

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