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Website design isn’t just about aesthetics. Your website must look professional, but it must serve a purpose for B2B lead generation. For INCo website design is about attracting more visitors and converting more leads.

The role of a website audit is to optimize your online presence for your buying market. A website audit is a complete analysis of the factors that determine a site’s visibility in search engines, the quality and relevance of its content and its effectiveness in terms of lead generation and conversion. INCo’s team of digital experts look carefully at the following questions and can provide solutions that focus on improving your visitors’ website online experience.

How to improve website performance?

Is your site’s technical framework and infrastructure fit for purpose. With your typical Buyer Persona in mind, our specialists examine the quality, relevance, structure and flow of your content.

How to enhance SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)?

This step will ensure you are following best practice when it comes to your site’s search engine (e.g. Google) visibility and look in detail at metrics that include:  

  • Meta descriptions
  • Page titles and URLs
  • Header and Alt tags
  • Keyword relevance

How to improve conversion?
This critical step will identify overlooked opportunities to convert visitors into leads and will highlight areas within the site (including Landing Pages) where there are opportunities to boost conversions.

Are social channels integrated and being used effectively?

The INCo team will analyse your Social Media activity and identify techniques and applications (e.g. hashtags, keywords, images) that will improve the return on your social media investment.

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Website & Landing Page Development

Website design is at the core of your marketing efforts, and the main goal of which should be to generate leads. So whatever design process you go through, you need to focus on your goal – achieving leads. Your website design should centre on your Buyer Personas, to ensure you are attracting more of these buyers and less of the ones that aren’t a fit for your business. INCo’s Inbound Marketing team will work with you to focus on your persona’s pain points and challenges and how you can simply put across on your website your solution to these challenges. The centre of all your website content - from your pages, to your blogs to your premium content such as eBooks - should be your personas, to ensure your offerings answer their problems. Mapping your persona’s buying cycle to your sales process will allow you to better structure your website and conversion points. INCo work with our clients to enhance their existing website or complete a website redesign to ensure that our client’s websites are generating traffic, conversions and therefore leads. This design process includes website layout, webpage and landing page design, premium content and CTA design.

Effective landing page design ensures you are personalizing your content for your buying market. Landing pages are individual pages within your website, personalized for a specific audience.  They are more effective at turning leads into customers because they are designed to appeal to prospects at particular stages of the buying cycle (Awareness, Decision, and Consideration).  Landing pages are integral to the structure of an inbound campaign. They contain unique or modified content and the structure and design are optimized for conversion.  These pages engage your buying market at exactly the right time.

INCo is a certified Hubspot partner.  Our experts use Hubspot’s industry-leading technology to react quickly to your market and build responsive landing pages suitable for all devices.  We integrate SEO best practice and ensure campaigns are designed to drive appropriate traffic to your optimized content and improve conversions.


SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

SEO improves your organisation’s online visibility and engages your buying market. Search engines display primary search results based on what they consider most relevant to users.  Optimizing your site to align with their best practices will help increase your visibility, improve your ranking and increase web traffic.

Our digital team has specialist knowledge of the primary factors that relate to search engine ranking and analyse the following:

  • Titles
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Content
  • Images
  • Headers
  • External Links


Call to Action Development


The purpose of a Call to Action (CTA) is to illicit a positive and immediate response from your buying market, to capitalize on your content and create inbound leads.  They can also be used to measure the effectiveness of your content and help shape future activity.

The design and positioning of your CTAs are vital elements of your overall marketing strategy.  A good CTA will bring inbound leads into your sales pipeline where it can be nurtured and developed into a sales opportunity.

INCo has considerable experience of producing effective CTAs in the digital space and our team use that experience and expertise to do the following:

- Analyse the design and positioning of your existing CTAs and make recommendations
- Design benefit orientated Calls to Action for specific campaigns
- Focus on non-obligation statements, implicit instructions and implied urgency statements
- Produce inbound leads
- Nurture leads and deliver sales opportunities
- Capture valuable customer intelligence 


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