Scaling an Inside Sales Team across multiple geographies, languages and offerings is a challenge. Recruiting, managing and maintaining skilled resources is often a constant struggle. Underperformers get 'let go' or leave, whilst top performers get promoted, or move on in their careers.

INCo partners with our customers to provide outsourced Inside Sales Teams where resourcing, performance, or costs, are impacting growth or pipeline.

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Why consider an Outsourced Inside Sales Model?

There are many reasons why large tech enterprises outsource elements of their inside sales to INCo.

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  • Corporate GDPR guidelines = limited performance
  • Struggling to source multi-lingual ISRs in EMEA
  • Budget Constraints
  • Performance Reduction 
  • Internal Team spread too wide 
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Inside Sales Services

INCo can provide a flexible operating model to deliver value in the areas where you need it most.

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  • Inbound Lead Follow Up
  • Account Based Marketing
  • Account Profiling
  • Outbound Calling
  • Appointment Setting
  • Sales Enablement
  • Lead Qualification
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Selling

Inside Sales Team Profile

INCo’s Inside Sales Team is amongst the best in the world, often delivering results that far outweigh those of internal teams.

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  • Mid-Thirties
  • Multi-Nationality  
  • 5+ years B2B Sales & 2+ years Enterprise Tech
  • Degree Educated
  • Experts at presenting Complex Value Propositions

Data Driven Performance

Your Inside Sales Team from INCo will be equipped with best in class Sales Technology, enabling performance improvement, real-time and granular visibility, internal integration and increased productivity.

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  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • LinkedIn Video Messaging
  • HubSpot Sales Enterprise
  • CRM Integration
  • Call Recording
  • AI Call Analytics
  • ZoomInfo Data Intelligence
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Operational & Management Infrastructure

Sales leaders who partner with INCo for Inside Sales support don’t just benefit from the inside sales resources themselves. A world-class infrastructure and management team is at the backbone of INCo’s operation.

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  • Executive Leadership
  • Team Management
  • Performance Improvement
  • Training & Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • HR, Rewards & Recognition
  • Personal Development

Need Our Help?

If you are an enterprise organisation considering outsourcing an Inside Sales Team, schedule a call with INCo’s VP Sales to discuss how INCo can help.

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