Email Marketing


Bridging the gap between Inbound and Outbound Marketing 


Email marketing has a proven track record of generating revenue. When done correctly, it allows you to tailor content to where a customer is in their buying journey and when combined with market intel and social media analytics it can be a highly effective means of converting interest into purchases. However, if done incorrectly you can burn through contacts, switching them off to your messaging or even worse have them mark you as spam. This may sound rather dramatic, but when an e-mail is marked as spam it can lower your credibility not just with your audience but with search engines, potentially wasting your company’s previous SEO efforts.

E-marketing bridges the gap between inbound marketing and outbound marketing; it can be used for first contact or to provide information that your marketing-qualified lead has asked for. INCo’s approach to e-marketing leans toward the inbound methodology, in that we begin the process with good content. It is about creating something that your audience actually wants to read. INCo has had years of experience in crafting emails designed to address the challenges your customers face, not simply regurgitating company propaganda. This leads to greater open rates, greater click through rates and the identification of better qualified leads.

INCo’s digital team have a wealth of experience in email marketing, we understand that not all of your target audience members have the same goals or will require the same information to help them solve their own problems and our approach will reflect this. We offer our clients a range of email services on digital campaigns, direct campaigns and direct and digital campaigns. We provide various forms of e-marketing support in order to help you achieve your marketing goals from creating BASHO templates, managing an email marketing database or by sending requests for information. 

E-Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is still an important element of any organisation’s marketing mix because it can help achieve a number of important business goals, e.g. customer acquisition, brand awareness, loyalty and so on.

High quality, relevant content delivered to an interested audience can provide a positive return on investment but effective management of your databases is also an important element of your e-marketing strategy.

INCo employs a number of e-marketing experts who can provide detailed guidance on how to maximise the return on your activity.  From growing your database and optimizing your content, to scheduling your broadcasts and accurately interpreting analytics, our team work with you to improve your e-marketing results.  INCo’s digital team can provide;

- In-depth e-marketing reporting, including opening clicks, tracking click-through rate, monitoring forwarding rate etc.
- Manage the health of your e-marketing database from cleansing no longer relevant contacts to uncovering new ones
- Testing the best messaging that resonates with your audience
- Comprehensive market segmentation in order to guarantee the right message reaches the right contact at the right time
- Optimise your message to be viewed across different screens
- Design your email to reflect your brand guidelines

Basho Emails

Basho emails can be a very successful way of putting you in front of the buying market.  However, they need to be properly structured to have the desired effect.

They are designed to engage the appropriate decision maker by attracting their attention, highlight and offer potential solutions to pain points within their business and clearly set out structured follow up practices.

80% of sales require five follow ups so it is important that every stage of an outbound campaign helps to build trust in the buyer/seller relationship.

The INCo team can design BASHO Emails that:

  • Attract attention with captivating subject lines– great content is key but your communications must be worth reading
  • Work with you to create Buyer Personas
  • Tailor email content to address pain points and offer potential solutions to the problems faced by prospects
  • Develop bespoke follow up procedures designed to nurture leads and generate sales opportunities

 Start creating BASHO emails and implement the five step sequence in our infographic.

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Requests for Information

Our digital team works with our clients in order to develop RFI’s or requests for information that can support the direct aspect of our campaigns. RFI’s provide prospects with a wealth of information around a company or their services to guide them through their buying cycle, offering insight which provides answers to their problems. They are at a vital stage of research and providing this information in a timely well-constructed way can be vital in converting them from a prospect to a customer. Our digital team create tailored RFI’s that;

- Are created around the conversations you are having with your audiences, they can be highly personalised to humanise the process of e-marketing
- Act as a door opener to contacts that are hidden behind gatekeepers


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