Optimise your Website for Lead Generation: Your 10-Step Checklist


Every now and then, your website will need a refresh. But the key question is; why are you redesigning your site? The answer should not be about how it looks, but how it works

Your website isn't just about design, it must generate leads which contribute to the sales pipeline. 

Our checklist provides 10 key steps to guide you in your redesign, transforming your website from a silo to a lead generation machine for long term success.


About INCo

With 15 years of experience, INCo provides a range of Direct & Digital Marketing services which are tailored to create a strategy specific to your B2B Lead Generation requirements.  INCo helps you identify high quality sales opportunities, close more deals, and see a ROI on your marketing spend. With an established track record in supporting both Blue Chip clients focusing on the FTSE 100/250 and also niche firms focusing on SME and mid-range organisations.