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Data is one of – if not the -  most valuable asset of any modern business or enterprise and proactively refining this data is imperative in its successful use for lead generation.

The rate at which we can collect, store and analyse data is unprecedented and this is a trend that is only set to continue. While in theory the more data we have; the better positioned we are for lead generation, this is not always the case. Data can be fickle; often with large gaps, inaccuracies or even an unknown expiry date. Unreliable data hinders the progress of a lead generation campaign as it results in missed opportunities and ineffective time and resource management.

Through a number of various processes data can be enhanced and refined to increase its raw value and the value it contributes to a lead generation campaign. 

When designing a B2B lead generation campaign for a client, the question of data is given significant deliberation. This is true regardless of whether the data considered for a lead generation campaign has been sourced by INCo on behalf of a client or provided by a client.




INCo’s In-house Data

INCo has sizable in-house data banks that contain data mined over years; providing priceless insights into an indeterminate variety of industry sectors; distilling down further to company and employee specific knowledge. 

These data banks are progressively growing in both size and quality as they undergo their own programme of enrichment. With this continual development INCo is able to uphold consistently high standards in the scope and accuracy of the data.

INCo is able to use this data to support the delivery of a campaign or to supplement data provided by a client to ensure that the information being used for lead generation is of the highest relevance and quality.




Sales Database Clean Up

INCo has worked with many clients who prefer to target a specific collection of data records or key accounts for lead generation purposes. For many of our clients, progress within this data set has been hindered by gaps or even inaccuracies in the data set. The ‘cleaner’ and more complete a data set is the more effective and efficient sales and marketing activities can be in targeting potential prospects.

INCo has developed the expertise and experience to cleanse, refine and build upon our clients existing information.

By employing a range of on and offline tools INCo is able to review and refine the information already contained within a client’s CRM, target or key account list. Working through a number of procedures and processes the data set can be verified to ensure that the following information is up to date and sales ready ahead of the launch of a lead generation campaign:

  • Active and Inactive contacts
  • Contact Information
  • Email addresses – spelling and formatting
  • Website
  • Industry information
  • Who are the Recommenders/ Influencers /Decision Makers 
  • Financial year end/Turnover/No of Employees
  • Parent accounts
  • Relationship status


Data Building and Cleansing Project

The efficiency and success of any lead generation campaign can be highly dependent on understanding the structure of your prospects business or on having a clear picture of the line of authorisation within a target account. 

In many large businesses, the buying process can be complex, involving a range of stakeholders. Profiling information on an organisation or a prospect can prove invaluable when considering a method of targeted approach. Ensuring marketing investments are appropriately directed requires the commitment of time and resources to mapping these structures and internal relationships.

Using the skills and experiences of a specialist team; INCo is able to carry out the following profiling activities on behalf of our clients:

- Buyer Persona Development – who are the key decision makers within the business and what information is important to them?
- Desk-based research for contact identification
- Phone-based research for contact verification and enhancement, i.e. enhancing contact data with email add(s), DDI(s), Job titles, etc.
- Cleansing of existing (or old) contact databases
- Cleansing of e-marketing ‘bounces’


Market Research

Understanding your target market, your customers and your competitors is key to maximising sales opportunities.

INCo’s qualitative market research techniques are proven to facilitate closer and more effective targeting, while helping our clients to stand out in crowded market places.

Our specialists use a combination of desk and phone research to collate the most up to date and salient information relating to our clients’ varied and specific requirements.  This can be as simple as gathering basic competitor data or as complex as an analysis of wider industry trends.

Desk Research

We use our considerable internal resources (including our in-house data banks); and range of on and offline tools to produce detailed reports on market size, sales trends, customer profiles and competitor activity.

Phone Research

Our research experts create and execute bespoke telephone surveys targeted at key decision makers and designed to help create effective lead generation and marketing campaigns.

Data Enrichment as a Campaign

The enrichment of data is a natural by-product of a B2B lead generation campaign and our clients receive the benefits of this process. However, in many cases it is recognised that the various avenues of data enrichment are beneficial to successful delivery of lead generation and are specifically incorporated into a campaign. This can be delivered as a precursor to the launch of the primary campaign or even as a stand alone campaign; highly dependent on the requirements of the client.


If you are looking to run a successful B2B marketing campaign it all starts with accurate data. This is something we could support you with - get in touch today.


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