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Over the past fifteen years there has been a blogging revolution both in the consumer and professional domains. With 45% of marketers say that blogging has now become the most important component of their content strategy – delivering benefits into brand awareness, SEO, thought leadership, and ultimately benefiting lead generation.  Comparatively a campaign that includes blogging can deliver as much as 67% more leads than one that does not.

Thought-leaders have grown into positions of influence through 500 word compositions of their own thoughts, opinions and observations of the industry in which they operate. Blogging has grown to assume a position within the forefront of an organisation’s overall marketing strategy; but today it is no longer simply enough to have a blog. Businesses are now required to create and distribute high quality content that demonstrates their position within the market place and contributes to their reputation as a thought leader.


Strategy Development


In order for an organisation’s blogging efforts to deliver the desired results it becomes essential for a business to dedicate the time and resources to create an appropriate strategy. The strategy created for blogging should include the framework and guidelines necessary for delivering consistent content of a high quality.

INCo has considerable experience in working with its clients to develop comprehensive blogging strategies; for both clients who have experience in blogging and those that are new to the field.  Working closely with these clients INCo is able to determine their blogging requirements and how best we can assist in achieving these goals; creating a strategy to support and deliver a successful lead generation campaign.

Having worked with clients with varying experiences in blogging, INCo is able to deliver a full range of blogging services from assisted strategy development, content creation, content optimisation, and publishing. Having worked with a variety of clients with diverse levels of blogging experience, INCo has been able to apply its skills and experience to integrating a service delivery package into a client’s own strategy or design, to create and deliver a fully comprehensive blogging strategy on behalf of our clients.

Blogging Guidelines

In the developmental stages of a Blogging strategy it is INCo’s priority to work with a client to ensure there is a fundamental understanding of brand, industry, and buyer personas and how each of these will influence the outlined goals of the lead generation campaign and, therefore, the overall blogging strategy.

Using this information, we are able to design guidelines for content creation. Including:

  • Narrator point of view
  • Tone of narration
  • Grammatical style and formatting
  • Frequency of publication

Additionally, this knowledge can be used to illustrate the topical areas that the blogging campaign will address:

  • Prospect pain points
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Industry News
  • Opinion Pieces


Blogging Strategy

INCo has developed the necessary skills and experience through its own experiences with Blogging and has been able to apply these to create a strategy designed to achieve a client’s own unique goals. When designing a strategy on behalf of a client there are a number of strategy development methods that INCo has found to be most effective.

Cluster Content

Once the overarching guidelines that will govern the style of the blogs has been decided; efforts can be made to strategize for the content creation process.

A Content Cluster is a strategy method that is highly valuable in driving SEO and conversion rates. By grouping together content that addresses a common theme, question or pain point it is possible to multiply the volume of potential traffic. Clustering content in this way is often most successful when the focal point is a centred around a piece of Pillar Content. In this sense Pillar Content is most commonly a piece of valued content – e.g. eBook, whitepaper, case study or free trial, etc.

Working with a client to review their existing content pieces, INCo supports the design of a blogging strategy that centres around a content piece. With a chosen focal point, the strategy can be further developed to incorporate the related sub-topics that would be most beneficial as the outlying cluster content.

Buyers Journey Mapping

When developing a blogging strategy; INCo not only considers Pillar and Cluster Content but also the influences of the Buyer’s Journey and how this can be mapped.

The Buyer’s Journey is an integral concept of the inbound methodology and denotes that a prospect moves through three distinct stages as they interact with your organisation and engage with your content. The three stages being: awareness, consideration and decision. A popular statistic quotes that approximately 70% of the Buyer’s Journey is completed before a buyer considers reaching out to sales. This means that it is important that blogging content is created to interrelate to these stages and serve as a landing and conversion point for prospects within these stages.

With a keen understanding of a client’s buyer personas it is possible to identify the types of pain points or questions a potential prospect will be experiencing as they pass through each stage and therefore the types of information they will be searching for online. As INCo maps the journey the information revealed can be incorporated into the strategy ensuring that there is relevant and appealing content for a prospect in each stage of their journey and content that encourages progression from one stage to the next.

Key word Optimisation

Using a client’s key words INCo is able to ensure that a blog post is fully optimised for SEO. This relates directly back to the buyer persona research; making sure that each blog post contains relevant and specific terms that are of interest to your personas. This takes into consideration not only the topics and terms that are relevant to your prospects but also the types of language and phrasing your personas would use to search for these terms online; boosting the ability of a blog to be found organically online.


As blogs are published online INCo tracks and analyses the number of individuals who view, interact and convert on a blog page. Allowing INCo to determine the number of marketing qualified leads generated through blogging and progressed in a lead generation capacity. INCo has also been able to incorporate further analysis into continual development of the blogging strategy – finding the instances that have produced the largest success rates and replicating them to continually drive successful lead generation.


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