Trends aren't easy to predict in this fast-changing, evolving digital world we live in, but they can be made easier to follow. In digital marketing, it is more important than ever to keep up to date with the latest trends and marketing tactics which will resonate with your target audience. As you create new campaigns over time, a great way to plan your Direct & Digital Marketing Programme that consistently engages your prospects, is with a checklist

Marketing today is growing increasingly diverse, but disconnected tools and channels mean it can be difficult to measure results and maintain an engaging experience for your leads. At INCo, we want to make this process easier for you - using our checklist, 'How to Run a Direct & Digital Marketing Programme'  you can build a framework to better understand and develop the essential areas of your marketing campaign. 

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But why should you use a Direct & Digital Marketing Programme Checklist?

I'm glad you asked! Before you begin using a checklist to run a successful campaign, it's good to know the benefits of using one, right? Keep reading to find out exactly why you need our checklist.

#1 Build and Engage With Your Prospect Ecosystem - A Prospect Ecosystem is an organised, visual way of tracking multiple buyers as they progress through different stages of the buyer's journey. Building and engaging with your prospect ecosystem has never been more important - having full visibility of how your prospects are engaging with your sales and marketing campaigns allows you to measure what is and isn't working with your campaign, enabling you to implement any improvements.

Both Sales and Marketing are responsible for creating and nurturing the ecosystem and both teams must work alongside each other to deliver the required results for business growth. This is where a checklist comes in! Using our checklist you can ensure your Sales & Marketing teams are on the same page across all aspects of the Direct & Digital Marketing Programme. Aligning your Sales & Marketing teams is the first step in developing an engaging experience for your audience, ensuring your campaign begins as efficiently as possible.

#2 Identify Your Campaign Audience and Fully Understand Your Buyer Personas - Ensure you identify your campaign audience first, and fully understand your buyer personas before you even think about starting to create your digital campaign. What's the point in creating a fantastic campaign if your target audience won't relate? The more you know about them, the better you can target them, and using our checklist ensures you never miss out this extremely important step!

#3 Monitor and Measure Campaign Success - Using the checklist, you set your goals from the very beginning. As you go through the checklist and complete every step, you should be monitoring and measuring your success throughout it -  what worked and what didn't? Having visibility of and understanding your numbers at the end of the campaign is extremely important.

Continually evaluating and improving as you progress your campaign will only increase its success rate. Following a checklist ensures you never miss a step and continually develop and improve the essential areas of your campaign.

Are you ready to run your Direct & Digital Marketing Programme? Download our Checklist today and ensure your next campaign is the best it can be!

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