Writing content for your inbound lead generation strategy can be a long and often difficult process; which only increases when you exhaust the list of topics and titles your fresh brain produced at the start of the exercise. You’ve been posting blogs for a while now; attracted regular followers and spiked an interest in some potential prospects. You’ve built up a momentum and people are actually interested in what you have to say. You’re on your way to becoming a recognised thought leader in your field.

Stopping now isn’t an what do you do?

To date you have published a nice little bundle of valuable content that you know has a high appeal value to your market audience. So why waste it?

Repurposing existing content can be your biggest asset when time or ideas are running a little bit thin. And this doesn’t mean tweaking a title or two and sticking a new image on an old post and hurrying it out the door hoping no one will notice. Reworking historical content is a far cry from the walk of shame of the blogging world.

Use the research and content from a previous post and get creative. Turn your blog posts in to videos, audio clips, diagrams, infographics, or even a presentation. There’s no limit to the ways in which you can re-present your existing content in new and attention grabbing ways.

For those that feel a little disconnected from their creative side below are a number of possible ways in which an old post can be brought back to life:

Turn your posts into lists: Share your expertise with your readers by creating for them a step by step guide; or sharing your do’s and don’ts.

Display your posts in a more visually appealing format: There are online tools in abundance to create infographics, diagrams, videos, animations and presentations; each with varying technical capabilities and buy-in price. Many of these are free or come with trials to allow you to get to a feel for what works best for you and the information you are trying to convey.

Put an interactive slant on an old post: Consider one of your most well received posts and use it to find out what opinions others have on the topic. This can be as complex as approaching other industry leaders for an interview on the topic or as simple as inviting your readers to provide their own opinions or ask questions. Posts like these can serve the added bonus of driving higher numbers of social media interactions.

Reaffirm or update your previous posts: So while tweaking a title and changing an image is not repurposing previous content that doesn’t mean it can’t or shouldn’t be done. If there is a post that you are particularly proud of why not reuse it as it is? Just be sure to tell the reader that you are re-posting it because you still believe it to have the same worth that it did the first time around. Or if there is a post that you feel is now slightly outdated – show your readers how you’ve adapted to current trends. Both of these approaches will allow you to re-affirm your market expertise in the eyes of your audiences.

Repurposing older content doesn’t have to be a daunting prospect and it can allow you the necessary breathing space to research and develop new topics to cover in the future. By taking some time and sharing ideas with your team, historical content can be updated, value added and turned into something brand new that can attract new prospects to your organisation and delight existing customers.

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