Call blog.pngLast week we took a look at what you should consider one you have created your great content and how you can maximise an integrated direct and digital marketing strategy to drive conversions. So this week we thought we would take a more in depth look at how you can create a direct marketing strategy to leverage the MQLs generated in your digital efforts.

Direct Marketing is a successful element of lead generation and is crucial to the growth of the sales pipeline as it facilitates a personal level of communication between your prospects and your organisation.  As an essential marketing tool for both cold and warmer prospects direct marketing is one of the quickest ways to find and qualify leads. But it can also be one of the fastest ways to leave a bad impression.

Uses the following tips to make sure your direct communication efforts are accelerating your lead generation efforts.
Know your Prospect

It doesn’t matter how the name of your prospect ended up on your desk - be it though digital marketing efforts; an old prospect or client or through much colder channels – you should always do you research.

You should have some basic research process in place for all your prospects; even it’s simply just looking them up on Linkedin. The more you can learn about your prospects the better able you will be able to communicate with them as a person who might be experiencing a problem you can help solve and not as a sales target.

If your prospect has engaged with your organisation online make sure you know which pieces of content that have viewed and any other information they have left in exchange. This information can tell you a lot about the challenges and pain points they will be experiencing.

No matter how much you are able to find out about your prospects your communication with them should always be about them and the situation they find themselves in; so use your information wisely to ask leading questions and avoid giving the impression that they have an internet stalker.

Pick up the phone

Nothing more can happen until you pick up the phone and dial their number. The more time you waste; the bigger the head start you give your competitors.

Receiving a phone call you’re not expecting can be a little jarring, more so if you don’t know the person or organisation on the other end, and a call when your especially busy can be a bit of a nightmare. So take this into consideration when your designing your opening pitch.

You have seconds to convince your prospect that your call is worth them stopping what they are currently doing and spend some time talking to you. If your prospect is slightly colder this time is even more limited as you’ll also need to spark within them an interest in finding out more about what you can offer.

Let them Speak

Scripted phone calls never excite anyone and can be one of the biggest turn offs but going in completely unstructured will also leave a bad impression. Any one directly engaging with your prospects should be so knowledgeable in your value proposition and your organisation that they shouldn’t need a script. But rather be able to talk to your prospect on a peer level that will allow you to drill down deeper on the challenges they are facing.

Once an interest has been established and a firm rapport has been built you should be able to extrapolate any qualification criteria not already covered. This could include: budget, project time scales, project sign off ect.

Call scripts are next to useless but a document containing some leading questions; frequently asked questions; tips for handling objections and some case study or reference information can be extremely useful in delivering a well-structured call.

Call Back and Nurture

On the rare day that you get through to a prospect first time; gather all the information you need and add them straight into your sales pipeline with no further cause for concern will be a day to celebrate. On every other day be prepared to add them to your nurturing queue and call back; using BASO emails and other content is the perfect way to nurture prospects until they’re ready to speak with you again. Don’t let your prospects go cold so be aware of any digital content that can be used to cultivate their interest and make future conversations easier.


Direct marketing really brings the human element to a b2b lead generation campaign; allowing MQLs generated by digital efforts to be further qualified and added to the sales pipeline. As part of a direct and digital marketing strategy a well trained inside sales team are essential for the achievement of all sales and marketing goals.


Designing an Effective Call to Approach

Designing an Effective Call Approach

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