In this ninth blog of our ten part series on Top Tips for Progressing Your Sales Leads, our VP Sales, John Macleod explores the next step in maximising the returns from your marketing efforts, and progressing ‘sales ready leads’ through the sales pipeline. The ninth step: Feedback to Lead Source.

Assuming you have done an awesome job of managing the sales process, you should hopefully now be celebrating a new customer win! At the very least you should have a deal value forecasted in your pipeline. Salespeople often take the opportunity to celebrate their wins, and rightly so, it is no mean feat to convert a stranger in to a new customer. What is often forgotten however is to feed back the good news to the person(s) responsible for generating the lead in the first place.

There can be a bit of a gulf between a lead source and sales, often bridged by marketing. There are many reasons why this it is advantageous for sales to close the loop with the lead source;


Inside sales reps or outsourced telemarketers have the onerous task of making thousands of calls, sending hundreds of emails, and dealing with countless rejections. One of the hardest aspects of the job (speaking from experience) is to keep yourself motivated throughout the day. To receive positive feedback from a sales consultant that they have taken a lead you have worked so hard to find, and converted it in to a new customer win, adds a great deal of satisfaction. This in turn lets the agent know their efforts are not in vain, and motivates them on to find the next potential customer.


Providing feedback also allows sales to influence the quality of the leads coming through. There is often useful information discovered once sales engage with a prospect that could have been identified during the qualification process with some further guidance and direction. The better skilled and equipped the business development callers are, the higher the quality of their output will be.

This information can also set the tone for future opportunities found by sales. With better feedback from marketing, salespeople will more quickly understand what information is most valuable to closing an opportunity and therefore should qualify on this for future calls, pushing stronger opportunities through the pipeline.


For lead generation to be as effective as possible, it relies on good relationships between front line telemarketing/business development consultants, marketing and sales. The more effort that is put in to strengthening these relationships, the greater the output will be. For example, an inside sales rep or telemarketer will often put in additional effort and go the extra mile for a sales consultant that provides positive feedback and support.

So if you want to improve the quality of your leads, have a team that is invested in supporting sales, and want to increase the number of qualified leads feeding in to your pipeline – provide positive and constructive feedback to the source of your leads.   

Stay tuned for our next blog in this series of 10 top tips for maximising marketing leads through sales.

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