A marketer's most important objective is generating leads. Yet according to HubSpot, only 1 in 10 marketers say their lead generation efforts are highly efficient and effective.

To construct a successful lead generation campaign you have to ensure your sales and marketing teams are being driven in a direction that resonates with your target customers.

There are various contributors to creating an effective lead generation strategy such as defined buyer personas, relevant content, 'BASHO' email sequences, and Smarketing techniques to name just a few. Encompassing our essential tips and techniques in the attraction, conversion, and delight stages of your buyers journey contributes to a successful lead generation campaign.

In this blog, we'll give you a sneak peak into INCO's 13 Top Tips and Techniques for lead generation which you may want to incorporate into your own future campaigns. Download the guide in full today!Download Guide

#1 Relevant Content

It may sound extremely obvious and patronising, but the relevance of your content is crucial to lead generation. The content that you create should speak to your buyer personas, and provide value to your organisation through positioning you as an industry thought-leader

If you don't target content properly to your buyer persona, it's highly likely to fall on deaf ears. What a waste of your marketing efforts!

Well-crafted content that your audience finds valuable is an essential component of a direct and digital lead generation campaign.

#2 Smarketing

The term "Smarketing" refers to the alignment between your Sales and Marketing teams created through frequent and direct communication between both parties. This alignment is essential in the drive towards achieving a unified goal

When both of these teams work together, their efforts are directed towards creating a successful lead generation campaign which encompasses the entirety of the buyer's journey. Smarketing goals should be created together, to ensure mutual goals amongst both teams, and re-evaluated every month to identify opportunities for improvement on both teams.

#3 BASHO Emails

BASHO email sequences enable you to gain the attention of your prospective customers and encourages them to convert with a carefully crafted email sequence. These sequences let your prospects know that you understand their challenges. 

Pioneered by Jeff Hoffman, the BASHO email sequence consists of a combination of voicemail and email messages to create regular contact, and gain leverage with your prospective customers

This alternation between a voicemail and email, each sent with a unique, personal message, gives prospects the opportunity to consider your offer over an extended period of time. Your prospective customers are able to conduct their own research, and respond when it is convenient for them to do so throughout a nurture process which doesn't overwhelm with constant emails and calls. 

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