During my final year of university, throughout the horrendous stress and sleepless nights, I clung to the thought of a day where I had no exams, no ridiculous deadlines – in short, a graduate job - like it was a life vest. After four years of studying Graphic Design, I was beyond excited at the thought of my own independence, where I would have my own desk and my own tea cup. On my morning walk to university, I would watch with a strange longing as people hurried around the city, hoping that as soon as I graduated, it would be me. And it was. I was offered the role as Inbound Marketer at INCo the day before I graduated, and so of course on the day I told everyone in sight.

That was when the horror stories began. It always started with the phrase “Welcome to the Big Bad World,” paired with one of the following:

“You’re going to be exhausted all of the time.”

“You only get weekends off and they go by in a flash.”

“The next rest you’ll ever get is your retirement.”

Throw a bit of self-doubt into the mix and you have a scary situation. I’d heard so many of my friends telling me that they felt like they were in over their heads. They had just been rescued from a stressful university environment, only to feel like they were drowning all over again.

So it’s fair to assume that when I walked through INCo’s doors on the thirteenth of July, I was very apprehensive. What if no one liked me? What if I had to eat my lunch in the toilets just like in Mean Girls? And worst of all – what if I couldn’t do the job? I’m a Graphic and Web Designer, and was hired to be part of the growing Digital Marketing team. My job entails the design of CTAs, email marketing, landing pages, website pages, and although I am confident in my abilities, I had little work experience in marketing and IT. However, I soon realised that I needn’t have worried.

Everyone is incredibly friendly and approachable. I soon became more concerned about learning everyone’s names as the majority of the staff had gone out of their way to introduce themselves on my first day. Straight away I got into my HubSpot training, learning all about Inbound Marketing. By my second week, I had achieved my Inbound Certification – another qualification under my belt! I am entrusted with exciting new tasks every day and my skill sets are continuously growing.

There are occasions when I receive a brief that includes so much technical lingo that I get lost. In another environment that might panic me a little, but here I am surrounded by a very supportive team that are incredibly patient and always willing to help me expand my knowledge. INCo offers countless support and opportunities for people who have the drive to succeed and learn new skills, so I’m never afraid to ask for advice.

I have been working at INCo for over a month now, but I am so comfortable in both my position and around my new colleagues that I feel like I’ve been part of the team for much longer. Some of the “Big Bad World” horror stories are true: my precious weekends do go by in a flash, but that’s actually alright. I enjoy my job and I’m never apprehensive about coming to work each day. I’m very optimistic about my career with INCo, and I’m excited to discover what lies ahead of me.


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