kirsty_blogCampaign Manager graduate recruit Kirsty Byers reflects on her experience at INCo;

Strathclyde University is over and you can breathe a sigh of relief; the hard part is over, right? Until the next challenge of course – the graduate job. Everyone has different expectations of how their first job is going to be… How am I going to adapt to the 9-5 routine? Will I use the knowledge I have gained at university? Will I have any clue what I’m doing? And that’s exactly how the journey into my new role as a Graduate Campaign Manager at INCo began…

First Impressions
The first day in a new job is undoubtedly the toughest part - no one likes to be the ‘newbie’. Thankfully there were two other graduates starting the same role on the same day as myself. From the word go, everyone greeted us with a friendly face. Of course we had the dreaded introductions, where you try to sound intelligent and interesting in a couple of sentences! By the end of the day we had these perfected - probably each other’s too! First impressions of a company are a strong indication of how you’re going to enjoy working there, and from day one I knew I was going to love the people - it’s clear they are INCo’s biggest strength. INCo has a personal approach to recruitment and the training of new recruits; you immediately get the feeling that you’re a valued individual and not just another number at the bottom of a corporate hierarchy.

The Knowledge Transfer Challenge

The biggest challenge of my first week was the sheer amount of information. As different members of the team led us through INCo’s operations, I began to piece together everything in my head. Call listening, staging, lead qualification, data training and meetings with the Chairman, CEO and the campaign management team, week one was complete! Everything was slowly coming together, the progress of the company was instantaneously impressive and I was excited to see where I would fit in.

Work Begins

As a way of training for our new role, we were assigned a buddy from the campaign management team and were tasked to assist them on their current campaigns. A massively supportive and welcoming team from the beginning, it was impressive to witness the way in which they handled each of their campaigns in such a professional and responsive manner.  Each day flew by, and we were on a steep learning curve as we embarked on different campaigns at all different stages, gaining an understanding of how the different INCo teams work together to produce successful lead generation campaigns. It is an amazing opportunity to gain exposure to clients that are big names in the IT and Consulting industries. This week I have been handed over a few campaigns to begin managing, and the hard work really starts!

The Real Opportunity Starts Here

It’s been said that the first three months of a job are a continuation of the interview process; you must strive to impress and demonstrate the skills that landed you the role. Yet, this does not seem such a daunting feat when you find yourself in a thriving and supportive team-orientated organisation, which enables their staff to grow and progress. It’s impressive when I speak with many of my new colleagues and they have been with INCo for a number of years, progressing to different levels and positions. INCo has a company culture that nurtures careers, and I believe I have found myself in a fantastic company in which I can develop and progress my professional experience.