I have spent my whole working life in sales and have worked for a few of the top sales companies in the UK. I was given the opportunity to join the INCo team as a Business Development Consultant and happily accepted the offer. Coming from a field-based role in telecoms I had some worries; would I be able to adapt to the office environment again? Would this be the place I can now settle and build my career? Is this the job for me?

First Impressions

My INCo journey began on April 4th bright and early at 9am. I reported to reception where I was introduced to the lovely Martin, INCo's 'Employee Experience Manager' who would then take us through our training week. The first day in a new job is undoubtedly the toughest part and you only hope you have others starting with you make it slightly better to avoid being the only newbie on the floor. Thankfully I had a young lady called Frieda with me whose hometown is in Germany, so the dreaded introductions were pretty interesting given the amount of traveling Frieda had done and the fact that she would be working on our German campaigns, very interesting indeed. First impressions of a company are key for me and I can quickly decide if it is indeed the place for me and so far, so good. I was made to feel very welcome and comfortable and instantly felt part of the team.

Initial Challenges

My background is mainly in direct sales concentrating on one industry product; ‘Telecoms’. INCo have various different campaigns on a global scale and the biggest challenge for me was actually getting my head around all the information, campaigns and the general idea that I’ll be working on various campaigns at any one time, would I cope? After learning the campaign I would focus on to begin with, I quickly began to see how it works and I was very impressed at how INCo prepare you for the job. The Client Services team put together what’s called a battlecard for each campaign; this is literally all you need to succeed along with some self-motivation of course. These have everything from company background, brief opening to your calls to objections and answers. My initial worries were soon changed into motivation to get going and start hitting targets.

So the Job Begins

My working week began and away I went with my battlecard in hand. I was also given a Campaign Specialist who was a direct contact for me on the floor for any questions or concerns I had regarding the campaign or objections I came up against. I was very impressed with the knowledge and experience on the floor and not only from my Campaign Specialist but each and every consultant on the INCo floor. Although everyone works on different campaign the help and support they give each other is evident and definitely a team I was happy to be a part of. My future was looking bright and my original concern of this being the job for me had vanished.

Future Development

The first few months in a new company are so important as you are also giving the company first impressions of you. You strive to come in and give it 110% every day and hope that you make a good impression and also smash any targets put your way.  I’m personally looking to develop within INCo and there are many opportunities for someone who is driven and motivated and looking for a career within the company. I’m excited to see where I can take this and what’s next in my INCo experience. Already, I’m living proof it’s an amazing place to work and have went as far to recommend not only friends but also family. Both start their experience next week.

Exciting times ahead.

Natalie Paterson

Business Development Consultant


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