What makes you the apple that a customer picks?  In today's blog we're exploring the benefits of refining your value proposition for best results. 

Sitting down at the beginning of a year and setting your business goals and your intentions to reach those goals is something business heads know all too well. However, have you thought about taking some of this time to dig deep and really discover what keeps your company succeeding year on year? What you provide your clients? What they are looking for? And how you market that to potential future clients?

This is something INCo have been looking at for some time now and has caused us to discover our core services and what keeps clients coming back to us again and again.

With this in mind, we thought we’d put together our best practices for refining your value proposition for continued success in lead generation.

Firstly, know what business you’re really in.

Now yes, that may sound obvious. If you generate leads, you’re surely in the lead generation business? That might be true, but is that all you are? Part of really refining your value proposition to attract your target customers is to delve deeper and find out exactly what niche market you provide to.

Narrowing your value proposition may seem like a huge red flag; why would I want to alienate 75% of my potential customers? But the answer is simple; by defining the areas in which you are exemplary, rather than playing an open market, you can target your advertising more effectively, communicate with your customers more effectively and provide a higher quality service to those who really need it.

At INCo, our knowledge and experience lies in the IT and Consulting sectors, and so this is our business. We get IT and Consulting companies in front of their buying markets. Additionally, we understand the necessity of a partnership between inbound marketing and outbound marketing, rather than choosing one or the other. By narrowing our target market into companies within the IT and Consulting sectors who would benefit from a specific inbound and outbound marketing approach we have started to refine our value proposition.

Next, define what you really do.

In order to define what you actually do, you should not look at your potential market, but instead at your current customers. What do you provide them? How do you support them? What do they ask you to do?

Only when you do this, can you measure your current defined services against this criteria and edit that list to include all the tiny things you do for each of your clients that keeps them coming back again and again.

Now, once you’ve completed both the above steps you can move on to the most important part;

Emphasise what makes you different.

So as we detailed above, here at INCo, we specialise in lead generation for IT and Consulting companies. But, our main differentiator is that we are the number one lead generation organisation that provide a full service portfolio to our customers, including all traditional lead generation services such as telemarketing, and also any inbound services they require, eMarketing, blogging support, website design, landing page creation, PPC campaigns. We support our clients from onboarding and creating websites and social media accounts all the way through to setting up appointments, providing opportunities and pipelines worth millions of pounds. 

In order to really work out your differentiators, it is important to first know your own strengths, then move on to benchmark your services against competitors and see which areas you excel in, and finally match your strengths against actual areas of value for your customers.

Once you’ve finished this process you should be in a much better space to fully realise and achieve your goals for the year and attract more customers in the process.

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