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Marketing best practices of today tell us that  great content is hero of b2b lead generation. It attracts, engages and converts your potential audiences; while positioning your organisation as a thought leader of its field.

To not create content seems like it would be suicide to a direct and digital marketing strategy.

Content creation - especially great content -  can take hours. It takes time to do the necessary research; write the content; and to make sure it looks both appealing and professional. It’s filled with valuable and engaging insights; it looks attractive and you’re proud of it.

The download rates for your content are through the roof. Leads are flooding in. And your sales pipeline is overflowing. Right?

More often than not…. no. And when it seems although your audience isn’t as in love with your content as you are it is easy to become disheartened. But simply just creating good content isn’t enough to drive lead generation results and grow sales pipeline. Your great content must be supported by an equally great content strategy. Consider the below points to make your direct and digital marketing strategy great:

Your Audience

Spending hours and hours writing and designing content that you love is worthless if it’s not what your target audience will love. Really examine your buyer persona’s and understand exactly what subjects they will want to learn more about. Phrase your approach around a pain point or challenge you know they will be researching. And present your content in a format (eBook, whitepaper, video, infographic, etc) that you know that they will find accessible and engaging.

Your Delivery

Spending hours creating compelling content that your audience will love is of no use in a direct and digital lead generation campaign if your content never leaves the folder that you saved the final draft into. Create a striking landing page to host your content and compelling CTA’s to drive your potential audience towards it.

Your Exchange Rate

In a lead generation campaign your content is your bread and butter. It is the thing of value that you offer you prospects in order to generate leads. But in exchange for what? Your landing page and your compelling content will only be of value to your campaign if you receive something in return. Creating a form around the information you would like to collect from your prospects is key; but striking a balance between the perceived value of your content and the level of intelligence you would like to collect about your prospects is essential to success.

Your Multi-Channel Approach

Make use of all your available marketing channels and promote your content through each. Use the information you know about your buyer personas to understand which cannels they will find most engaging and the most optimum times to utilise these approaches. Direct your prospects to your landing page through: social media, emarketing, your website, PPC, SEO and blogging.

Your Direct Approach

Getting your prospects to download and engage with your great content is only the first step in a direct and digital marketing campaign. A follow up process must be put in place before your content goes live. This should detail who should get in touch with your prospect and how long after they download your content. This process should also take into consideration the method of direct approach that should be employed ie. Call within 48 hours with subsequent BASHO email sequence.  

Your Nurture Process

It might seem strange to suggest that the secret to using content for a successful b2b lead nurturing is more great content. But if your prospect is not quite ready to engage in sales conversations or requires further nurturing; additional complementary content can be used to encourage further engagement and assist in their development along the buyer’s journey.

Your SMarketing Efforts

Your follow up and nurturing processes will be useless if Sales and Marketing don’t communicate on the content that is available and the content that is needed.  Marketing could be churning out amazing content that Sales just doesn’t know exists. Or Sales could be finding highly relevant pain points or conversational points but just don’t have the content needed to back it up. To do this sale and marketing efforts need to be on the same page in understanding which content is available and is needed.

Your Position as a Thought Leader

Every stage of your direct and digital marketing campaign should demonstrate and reinforce your position within the industry as a thought leader. Creating and distributing great content is essential to achieving this but it is not the sole driver. Direct communications with your potential customers need to demonstrate your understanding of their struggles and your willingness to engage with them to solve them. Each team member should have a knowledge of the content that is available and how it can be used to increase your reputation as a thought leader.


Best practice tells us that great content is the hero of b2b lead generation; and it would be right. But on its own great content can only go so far. A successful direct and digital marketing strategy is key to driving lead generation and sales pipeline growth.

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