Pay per Click (PPC) advertising can be incredibly effective for the B2B market. Organic rankings can take a fair time to build, especially for competitive keywords. PPC is often used to generate instant traffic while waiting for the ranking of organic keyword searches. Thus, when focusing on generating high quality leads, PPC can be a useful channel to generate warm leads.

One of the main problems faced by B2B businesses is that getting good results from PPC marketing requires a level of effort and expertise that they often lack. PPC campaigns for B2B require a high level of campaign management in order to be successful. While the features and capabilities remain the same no matter the intended target audience, it is the strategy developed around these features and capabilities that determine the success of the campaign.

By definition the target audience of a B2B PPC campaign is a highly specific subset of the general populace with precise pain points and challenges. And by default your campaign strategy must be as equally specific.

Keywords are the driving force behind Ad results and the corner stone of a successful campaign. Meaning that the required specificity is just as prevalent. With the nature of B2B markets being what they are Keyword search volumes can vary greatly. Getting your Ad in front of your buying audience requires a developed understanding of your Buyer Persona and their pain points and challenges. The more information you can gather throughout process means that you will be better able to structure your PPC campaigns around the keywords that will generate results.

For the uninitiated, matching for as many keywords as possible seems like success on a platter. But ranking in searches that are similar but are irrelevant to your product or service offering ultimately leads to wasted budget and, more importantly, no leads.  Although search engines can often seem like ‘all-knowing entities’ they don’t know your markets as well as you do and will attempt to match you to as many searches as possible. As such it is it is important to consider which key words might cause you to rank at for inappropriate searches. Finding your negative keywords takes research and is often a continual process of refinement.

Just like in any other inbound approach to lead generation there needs to be appropriate conversion points that align with the keywords your target audience will be searching for as they move through their buyer’s journey. Key words research gets your Ad in front of your buying markets but this is only the first step; your prospects must deem your Ad worthy of their attention. The same rules which apply to CTA, landing page, and content creation also apply to PPC Advert Creation. Your Ad should direct your prospects to a landing page that is relevant to their search while the actionable CTAs and appealing content entices them to engage.  Converting them into valuable leads.

But it doesn’t end there. A well strategized PPC campaign will generate a substantial number of leads but engaging them further often requires an alternative tactic. An Inside Sales Team is invaluable in a lead generation campaign and particularly in the follow up stages of those generated in a PPC Campaign.

Specialised Business Development Consultants engage with prospects facilitating further discussion around their pain points allowing for a more in-depth qualification process. This direct engagement between organisation and prospect enables the cultivation of a consultative relationship, whereby it is the challenges faced by the prospect that is discussed and not the sales goals of the Business Development Consultant. This type of relationship gathers further information and nurtures prospects until they are ready to engage further and helps establish an organisation as a thought leader.

Using PPC and B2B telemarketing in tandem, in an approach we call Click through to Contact, allows for a campaign that drives results, capturing and nurturing leads at each stage of the funnel. PPC for B2B lead generation, draws in warm prospects that have a specified pain point that aligns with your keywords who can then be further qualified and nurtured. The alignment of these two strategies is mutually beneficial as the information gathered by the inside sales team allows for the continuous refinement of the PPC campaign which in turn generates better quality leads.

This strategy follows INCo's hybrid inbound and outbound marketing strategy to B2B lead generation. To find out more download our eBook below:



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