Technology.pngWith business growth heavily dependent on the speed, transparency, and security of information and processes, technology is an integral part of every organisation. In the race to the top, organisations are increasingly turning to technology to provide the answers in the quest for streamlined processes.

The clear need for these products and services within the market place means that the market is approaching saturation. The business technology marketplace is crowded; thus while the demand is there, getting your products or services in front of your target audience can prove difficult.

Creating a marketing strategy that gets your message heard in amongst that of your competition is often the first challenge faced by the marketing team of any business technology organisation. As the levels of competition grow, the message that once identified you as unique can quickly become generic. Putting a new slant on an old message can only get you so far before it runs out of steam and you fall back in to the seamless crowd of competing vendors all trying the same tricks.

At this point the situation can seem a little bleak when faced with the prospect of breaking the monotony of competing messages.

By considering the benefits of a hybrid approach to a direct and digital marketing strategy it is possible to not only break the monotony of marketing messages but also to ensure that your messages are reaching those that need to hear it - your buying market. 

Faced with a multitude of potential sellers; buyers are often better positioned to find a vendor that fits their specific business needs and challenges, perhaps with specialisms in certain industries. They are more likely to turn to organisations that can definitively establish themselves as leaders within their experience areas; ensuring that their challenges and requirements can be met. Follow our 3 step approach below to strengthen your position with the market:

1. Understand your audience

With the increased competition, buyers have the opportunity to be particular about who they engage with. By taking the time to understand your audience’s challenges and needs you will be better equipped to identify the areas that will appeal to them. And by identifying the nuances that drives your audience’s decision making process you will better position your organisation.

2. Establish yourself as a thought leader

Here the benefits of the digital aspect of your marketing efforts come into fruition. It is unquestionable that the technology industry is rapidly evolving with advancements made so quickly that they can leave the industry completely changed from year to year. Very quickly an organisation’s experience can become outdated, and if that is all an organisation has to rely on they too can become outdated and overlooked. Using digital platforms, it becomes possible to develop your organisations position as being at the pinnacle of its experience area and a leader of innovative thought. Creating and distributing educational content will demonstrate to your target audience the value they stand to gain from you. Today your prospects prefer to research and choose who they engage with, rather than being actively sold to. It’s all about developing your brand – becoming a name in the market and not just another number. A marketing strategy that encompasses a digital approach ensures that your organisation can be found through this discovery process.

Developing a digital marketing strategy that demonstrates your organisation as the pinnacle of relevance and innovation in your chosen area is only the first hurdle. This idea of leadership should be nurtured throughout the organisation and evident in all engagement touchpoints between your organisation and your target audience.

3. Cultivate a leadership mentality throughout your direct outreach

Just as your buyers prefer to self-discover the information they are looking for, their engagement with a sales person should be one of exploration and consultation, rather than a ridged dispensing of generic and rehearsed information. With such an approach you will be better able to demonstrate a deeper understanding of your potential buyer’s challenges and requirements. This in turn can be instrumental in the development of a strong and lasting relationship. A conversation with your potential audience should be two way and always prompted by their specific needs.

Standing out in the technology market is no longer about who can shout the loudest. Buyers are becoming increasingly particular about who and how they engage with vendors. Securing your organisations place in the forefront of your audience’s mind can be achieved through the implementation of a direct & digital marketing strategy, designed to nurture your organisation’s position as the pinnacle of your experience area and cultivating this mentality both inside and outside your organisation.


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