new_year_new_me.pngMarketers dedicate a great deal of their time to planning, writing, designing and A/B testing content in order to expand their audience and fill their sales pipelines with prospects. However, this doesn’t mean that this content stops playing a role when we hand those prospects over to sales.

HubSpot’s research shows that decision makers touch at least five pieces of content before they buy, but only 20% of salespeople actually use content to engage their prospects. This leaves marketers with a rather big question, how can we leverage the content we have created to help our sales teams have more valuable engagements and more importantly close the deal?

1. Leverage your content to land the first conversation

You only get one chance to make a great first impression and content can really help you say more if you only have a short time to make it. If you are responsible for landing the first sales call or generating valuable leads for your sales consultants, leveraging and personalising the content created by your marketing team can really help jump-start the conversation.

Content plays a huge role in helping to book that first call. We are constantly sending our prospects content based on their unique needs, for example, if they have recently engaged with an email about sales enablement we will then send them one of our other eBooks on a similar topic to help move the conversation along. If they aren’t ready to engage at this point, we can then use lead flows to ensure that they are sent up to date content and blogs on the topic that is of interest, so when a project arises we are at the forefront of their thoughts.

2. Don’t take a backseat

Some marketers take the back seat after they have passed a marketing qualified lead over to sales, but our role doesn’t stop here. The whitepapers, blog posts, videos and fact sheets can play a helpful part in every single conversation your sales team have at any stage of the sales cycle.

Content can answer critical questions that have been uncovered and explored on the initial call. It also provides weight to the points that were raised discussed and as things tend to resonate with people better when they are able to read them in their own time. So, sending your prospect an email following a call with relevant content that can help address their problem, shows that you listened as they explained their difficulties and that you are already beginning to help them tackle their challenges.

3. Build and maintain relationships using content

A good sales consultant understands how their prospect buys and the things they need to learn in order make the best decision for their business. The marketing content we create helps sales deepen their knowledge and can be useful in preparing for any unique pain points. You earn trust at the beginning by being knowledgeable and having an arsenal of content to help your sales team can enable them to build better relationships. But it shouldn’t stop here.

Businesses on average lose around 20% of their customers each year by failing to establish and maintain good customer relationships. It costs up to five times more to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one. So don’t forget about the relationships you have worked so hard to establish. Make sure you are sending relevant content to your existing customers and continuing to keep them engaged.

4. Make your customers brand champions

If your team are delighting your customers, then turn those customers into brand advocates. You can then empower your sales teams to close additional business through the use of case studies and referrals. It is expected for you to think that your organisation is the very best at what it does, but it is more convincing for your prospects to hear it from your existing customers.

There are several ways to do this, you can create a referral program that incentivises your customers to share their knowledge and experiences using your products. You can create a LinkedIn user group that creates a sense of community and allows your experts to help with any customer queries quickly. Create opportunities for your customers to guest write a blog or submit video content that can be sent to potential prospects that are keen to understand your product or service in action.


The New Year will present businesses with limitless possibilities and by providing your sales team with great content and support throughout the year you will enable them to close more. To learn how you can provide your sales team with what they need to successfully engage the buyer throughout the buying process and empower them to become more successful download our eBook – The Power Sales Enablement.
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