Management consulting firms have significant growth opportunities as companies prepare to reorganise in order to adapt to changing market conditions after the Brexit vote.

The shift in buyer behaviour that we see in today’s market resonates with prospects looking to engage with firms in the management consulting industry. Where a senior exec, possibly from the C-Suite has recognised that they require to change an element of their organisations core processes, operating model or technology, they will absolutely research the internet to find the resources which will assist them with this project. This offers a great opportunity for management consulting firms of all sizes to be found based on the effectiveness of their online presence. This assist them to be “found” by their buying market. It is therefore critical to ensure that your firm has the online assets ready to be engaged with by prospective clients as they conduct pre-engagement research. This will help them as they look to understand how other professionals have addressed similar problems and solved their own challenges.


Management consulting organisations have an abundance of excellent content at their disposal – such as case studies, news releases, white papers and expert comment style fact sheets. A well-structured Digital approach to using this content to engage potential new clients will allow you to attract leads at the top and middle of the sales funnel - positioning yourself as a thought leader and trusted advisor.


However Digital marketing alone is never enough to fully engage a prospective client. It is key that someone engages directly with the potential lead; taking direction from the types of information they have already consumed. Knowing what a prospect is interested in, especially in enterprise transformation projects, allows the business development follow up to be tailored, consultative and specific - helpful even -  rather than overtly salesy. This joined up Direct & Digital approach maximises marketing spend (ROI) and optimises all marketing efforts in a lead generation capacity that identifies new clients.


How is this achieved? So much information is available within the public domain without prospects having to give any details in return for receiving this information. Gating your information with a simple form and asking the prospect to self-identify will allow you to gain contact details. Once the prospect is known, the offer of further content pieces to guide prospects further down the buyer’s journey can be made. A marketing automation platform such as HubSpot - which INCo uses - automatically adds contacts into the CRM from the information that they provide in the forms and gives you valuable intelligence into the history and movements of a prospect. The example below has been taken directly from INCo’s own portal and shows the level of insight that can be gained about a contact:



This information can be used in a highly tailored consultative manner, giving the business development team the opportunity to engage the potential buyer in an informed conversation. This moves the process away from being a sales pitch to a client orientated approach: much more like a peer to peer conversation about the challenges that are currently being faced. The content which a firm feeds the market, will build credibility and give the direct business development teams more ammunition to close prospects down to a qualified sales opportunity (QSO).


INCo possesses a wealth of experience engaging with the C-Suite of the FTSE 100/250 on behalf of management consulting clients; arranging business development meetings with our clients and many hundreds of C-Suite / Director executives. INCo’s inside sales business development team has identified large scale transformational projects across financial services, manufacturing, TMT, TLS and Public Sector at both local and national government level. Our team has had many thousands of conversations that result in getting our clients in front of their buying marketplace.


As a HubSpot gold partner, we have a team of Digital experts which can repurpose and optimise your content, create landing pages and a social media strategy to support the work of our Business Development Consultants. INCo possess the industry knowledge to unearth the transformational projects at the heart of companies looking to restructure in this unpredictable landscape.


Are you looking to engage with new prospects as a thought leader in the management consulting industry? Talk to us about your marketing goals for Q3 & Q4 of 2016.


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