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Lucy Moore : Quitting Retail Forever & The ERPs (almost like the ABCs) of My First Thirty Days at INCo

September 2016

Lucy_Moore.jpgIn my final year at Strathclyde, everyone and their granny (and my granny) were constantly asking what I was planning to do next; at the time I was solely focused on getting my 2.1, hoping that everything after that would somehow fall into place. And it did.

The role at INCo sounded perfect, a graduate marketing position in the centre of Glasgow; to be honest it sounded too good to be true. I applied on a whim thinking this was everything I have been searching for, so obviously there was no way I was going to get it. I was first welcomed to INCo by Lauren and Claire, potentially the nicest interviewers in the city, who both looked past my limited experience and gave me a chance.

The night before I started, the joy of finding out I had gotten the job had begun to wear off and I was beginning to doubt myself; I knew so little about IT and even less about managing a campaign. Pair these doubts with the usual new job fears and I was an emotional cocktail of terror and nerves. Turns out I didn’t need to be.

The rest of the team at INCo were just as welcoming as Lauren and Claire had been at the interview stage and although my first day was a blur, it was a very pleasant blur. There was so much to learn but with Claire as my mentor, I knew I would be okay. In fact, the whole company seemed to have gotten involved with my training, from teaching me the basics of B2B lead generation to supporting me throughout my Hubspot Certification. Within my first week I had learned what ERP actually stands for (Enterprise Resource Planning); that search engine optimisation is not just a phrase you throw into marketing essays to get a better grade and competed in (and almost won) a cheesecake competition. As far as first weeks go, I doubt it could have been much better.

Over thirty days on and I’m still as supported by my colleagues as I was on my first day. I feel that within this environment I can only do well, and I cannot wait to face the new challenges that will come my way as a Graduate Campaign Manager at INCo.

During my dissertation between stress eating Minstrels and consuming far too much coffee I made a list of thirty things I wanted to do before I was thirty. One of which was quit retail forever another was find a job that I was actually proud of, INCo has allowed me to cross two things off that list, so winning the Great British Bake Off and getting a puppy will just have to wait till next year…

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