2016 is fast approaching and INCo’s clients all have one thing in mind – how to increase business growth through sales! So where does INCo fit in to reaching this goal? INCo provides Sales & Marketing strategy, services and active leads to its clients to help them engage with their buying market. The key to this is ensuring it happens on a consistent and high quality basis so that you can GROW YOUR BUSINESS!

5 Steps INCo Will Take to Help You Achieve more Sales Growth in 2016!

In our opinion it is critical to focus on the following five points to ensure success in 2016. Follow these steps and enjoy the rewards it brings.

  1. IT'S ALL ABOUT LEAD GENERATION – Ensure Your Annual Marketing Output Focuses on Lead Generation for Sales – Smarketing

Aligning Sales and Marketing goals is a critical step in the success of any business to ensure that the investment that is going in to creating leads and opportunities can be engaged with by sales and does indeed meet the lead qualification criteria sales expect in a lead. INCo has seen examples of this in the past where a campaign is set-up to identify one type of opportunity, but the sales team is focused, and often compensated to win a different type (or types) of business. INCo can assist in developing this strategy working with both teams extending their reach and ensuring that the Smarketing alignment is achieved.

  1. Build the Go-to-Market Strategy & SMART Goals

Once the overall Sales and Marketing plan for the year has been agreed by both sales and marketing, it is critical to plan HOW this will be achieved. It is not good enough to just have the will to succeed; you have to have the will to prepare to succeed. Aligning the elements required to make each marketing channel a success and planning the tasks is a critical step in preparing for success. The annual Go-To-Market plan should be broken down into Quarterly Go-To markets that focus on the required outcome. If like many of INCo’s clients your sales cycle requires a high degree of initial education and a process of establishing credibility with the target decision maker, ensure you build this into the Go-To-Market plan. The most effective Go-To-Market strategies help educate the buyer and encourages them to consider your solution or services, enabling you to engage with them once this initial education process has been undertaken and the prospect fully recognises their need or challenge.

  1. Create Buyer Personas

Your Buyer Persona is developed using a combination of data from your historic customer buyer data, and your current target customers. Following this process ensures that we can help our clients create the most accurate picture of their target market and customer. Targeting sectors and prospects, where your solutions and services address the issues of these different Buyer Personas ensures a helpful, appreciated sales engagement which increases the chances that you will win over your competitors. People buy from People, yes it’s a cliché, and nonetheless it’s never been truer than in this digital age. Understand your customers and prospects and really help them engage and buy from you.

  1. Develop Value Proposition

INCo will work with your key team to assist you develop your value proposition which will be tuned to engage each of the buyer personas. A good value proposition is likely to be very different for a CIO compared to the CFO and again for a small business over an enterprise business. INCo understands how these decision makers think, and can help to develop your value proposition for both digital and in-person communication.

  1. Ensure Your Marketing Channels Are Integrated!

Social Media, Blogging, Landing Pages, E-mail Marketing, Inside Sales Telemarketing all have their place in today’s marketing environment, however you seriously risk haemorrhaging ROI if you do not ensure they are all aligned and integrated to deliver the all important Sales Qualified Leads. Use a single platform like HubSpot within which to plan, manage and execute all your Digital Marketing ready for the Telemarketing/Inside Sales team to engage with in a knowledgeable helpful manner. This approach will yield happier, more engaged prospects that turn into great new customers, making everyone’s life happier in the process.

So, in short, working with INCo to help us guide you through the processes above can provide you with everything you need to create a successful lead generation campaign, developing Qualified Sales Opportunities which you can then close into delighted customers.

If this sounds like something your business needs for 2016, please get in touch with us today. We’d love to talk to you and provide an in-depth marketing analysis of your current output to highlight where we can help you.

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