Since the very beginning of marketing and sales engaging with prospective customers with a need, but without the knowledge to satisfy that need and positioning them your product has worked, but that was before the internet.

Now, everyone and their grandmother (literally) has a world of information at their fingertips and are much more savvy about where and how they choose to spend their money. This is even more true for organisations rebuilding their brands and markets in the years since the recession. Companies are now much more receptive to content marketing, and less likely to accept cold selling, and some tradition-lead generation companies don’t seem to have realised this.

Some others have decided that the answer is inbound marketing, and have completely changed their value propositions to become dedicated to content creation, SEO and attracting customers to them like flies to honey.

But This is Only Half the Answer?

As discussed in our Direct & Digital blog, we don’t believe in extremes; just because the market has evolved does not mean we have to discard everything we have learned about lead generation and sales. It is important to become a trusted name, and a thought leader within your market, and it is undeniable that leads are much more likely to close to customers these days if they have had some prior engagement or knowledge with your company, but you still have to connect with them at some point if you want to sell to them.

It took us a while but here at INCo, we’ve been listening to our customers and what they need from us. More and more, they are looking for eMarketing support, website and landing page copy, and are asking our advice on SEO and how to make their value propositions resonate with their target markets; all while still conducting traditional lead generation services for them.

So, with this in mind, we gravitated towards Pipeline marketing, in order to combine everything we already knew about sales, with a wider service offering covering:

  • Inside Sales Function
  • SEO
  • Web Development
  • Landing Page Copy and CTA Creation
  • Content Creation
  • eMarketing Template Development

We are interested in helping our clients create a long-term, high value relationship between themselves and their customers, and we’ve realised that if you aren’t building a following and establishing your brand as an expert resource, you aren’t building a long term value machine.

So, what is Pipeline Marketing?

Pipeline marketing is a natural evolution of lead generation, updated for today’s modern world. We use it to reach out to our clients’ prospects much earlier in the Buyer’s Journey, in some cases before they have even developed a need. It’s all about widening your sales funnel, by optimising your entire marketing process from contact through to a handover to sales.


This is where our integrated SMarketing approach also comes into play; with a constant closed-loop reporting stream our marketing team can use this information to help generate more MQLs, and nurture them until they become SQLs. Then, sales can engage with these SQLs with the knowledge of all the marketing materials / sources they have interacted with and should be able to obtain a high quality close by knowing, in some way, what the customer needs.

We see pipeline marketing as a bridge between the gap that is tradition lead generation and today’s inbound marketing focus. It helps us do everything we’ve always done best for our customers while including these nurturing channels like content marketing, inbound techniques, PPC campaigns, social media, etc. and uses the data from each channel to grow pipelines and deliver our clients in front of their buying market.

This is more than a marketing initiative. It’s important to get everyone on board, including the CEO and partner teams such as sales.

If you’d like to know how INCo can help you grow your pipeline and deliver high quality campaigns for you; please get in touch.

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