Louise Lamont, one of INCo’s Campaign Managers has taken on the mammoth role of whipping our INCo Harriers into shape in preparation for the Edinburgh Half Marathon. Campaign Managers are our main contact with our clients, working tirelessly to ensure campaigns are run to the highest standard and smashing targets along the way. Therefore Louise is used to organising and motivating people, meeting deadlines and reaching goals, making her the perfect candidate for our chief. In the first in a series of blogs, Louise is explaining what possessed her to take on the challenge and why she’s doing it.

As I have turned into a bit of a gym bunny or complete ‘Fitness Freak’ as I am now more commonly known, I took it upon myself to launch a running club in work. It started out  with a few members occasionally going for a run to what is now 12 other ‘Fitness Freaks’ and the birth of INCo Harriers – a group of amateur but determined runners.

Late last year, my CEO Neil Ritchie and I thought it would be a great idea to embark on a challenge and soon decided the INCo Harriers needed something to train for. That was when we had a lightbulb moment: ‘Aha, the Edinburgh 2016 Half Marathon’.  Although this is a team and personal challenge for us all, we wanted it to be worthwhile and decided our blood, sweat and tears could be used for some good and we would raise money for three charities – Sarcoma UK, MacMillan Nurses and Cancer Support Scotland. All very worthwhile charities that are close to our hearts.

Everyone jumped on board and we have been pounding the streets of Glasgow during our first week of training and what a week it has been.  Despite the wind, rain and ice, we have been committed and working hard as a team to clock up the miles as we take our first steps on our five month training regime.

With it being the first week we have completed 13 miles and I am just so proud of everyone who is taking part. We have team members who have never run a day in their life and are smashing it each night and actually surprising themselves.

Over the following weeks you’ll be hearing from each of our INCo Harriers about how training is going, why they joined and what’s motivating them to complete the challenge.

Good effort this week INCo Harriers – role on week 2 for another 16 miles and where we will be hearing from our CEO Neil Ritchie as to why he is partaking in their Edinburgh Half Marathon challenge.

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