2017 Cover.pngDecember is a manic month; no matter what. Even with the minimum number of holidays and all the extra hours; the month is never long enough. For most of us the new year is upon us before we realise it and the 2017 lead generation campaign should be well under way.

For some the new year is about starting afresh with new goals and plans but in terms of your lead generation campaign: a new year and new resolutions shouldn’t mean that the old is totally discarded.

A successful lead generation campaign requires constant attention in order to make sure that the drive behind the sales and marketing teams are being channelled in a direction that resonates with your ideal customers and generates high quality leads.

Buyer personas, SMART goals and a healthy Smarketing relationship all contribute to the strong foundation needed to support the creation and delivery of a successful B2B lead generation campaign. While things such as targeted messaging; integrated social media marketing, BASHO emails and blogging are all essential techniques in the attraction, conversion delight stages of your lead generation campaign.

Taking stock of the campaign components  that brought you success in  2016  is a great way to end the year. While these have already proven their worth, a lot can change in a year, taking the time to revisit and revitalise these can make an even better b2b lead generation campaign in 2017.

INCo have spent the week revisiting all the tips and techniques that we found invaluable in 2016. 

The Most Powerful Lead Generation Tips and Techniques for 2017Checkout our Infographic for the 13 most powerful lead generation tips and techniques for 2017.

 Check out our Infographic