INCo has 12 years experience in creating and delivering lead generation campaigns - successful ones – and by now we have honed our skills and can deftly navigate the waters of both inbound and outbound lead generation. Our processes can be distilled down to 5 fundamental areas we have identified as key to our success.


The importance of the integration between sales and marketing teams has been discussed in depth in previous posts. It is also important to consider the steps that are taken to allow INCo to work alongside our clients Sales and Marketing teams rather than independently. Working with the sales and marketing teams of our clients ensures a consistency is maintained throughout all areas; but particularly: branding, message delivery, content and, most importantly, the quality of leads produced.

The initial establishment of a SMarketing relationship between us and our clients lays a strong foundation for a successful lead generation. However, it is also important that this relationship is maintained and developed throughout the entirety of the campaign.

Set Up - Buyers Journey, Persona & Databases

Setting up a campaign can be a complex task and sometimes an area of the lead generation process that is not given the proper credit it deserves. A number of processes feed into a campaign set up; each requiring input from both INCo and our clients. A comprehensive set up is in essence a product of a co-operative SMarketing team. In this part of the campaign it is important to consider areas such as the Buyers Personas’; the buyer’s journey; content creation guidelines; database management; and lead qualification criteria.  Each of these documents creates a framework that supports the rest of the campaign and the stronger the framework the greater the chance of success.

Information Discovery

A lead cannot be passed off from one team to the other without proper documentation of all that has transpired. Each sales discussion is different and so being armed with as much information as possible about a lead is key to creating a successful pitch. During the set up process, outlining, the level and types of information a client requires before entering a sales meeting means we are better able to qualify the opportunities we find. We are able to collect this information in a variety of unobtrusive ways throughout the marketing progress - e.g. landing pages or though preliminary discussions – ensuring that we are uncovering fully qualified opportunities for our clients.

Quality Assurance

Each and every possible lead INCo generates on behalf of a client is passed through a vigorous quality assurance process in which it is measured against the clients predetermined LQC – Lead Qualification Criteria - allowing us to ensure only credible leads of a high quality are presented to our clients. We consider this to be a key part in maintaining a consistent level of success for each of our clients.


Ensuring there is continuous and relevant feedback between any Sales and Marketing team should be an integral part of the relationship. And this is no different for any relationship INCo has with its clients. A closed feedback loop allows both teams to understand where the ownership of a lead lies; the next steps and the sharing of information collected about a prospect.

By using the feedback we receive from our clients INCo ensures we are finding the correct types of opportunities, interacting with the most appropriate contacts and qualifying each lead to the highest standard.  In addition to providing our clients with regular updates on the opportunities we are finding, our experiences allow us to identify any changes in the market place trends which can be invaluable information for our clients. The feedback that we provide can take on a variety of forms from written reports; calls and meetings depending on the nature of the information that is required to be conveyed. 

The steps that INCo takes to ensure a successful lead generation campaign have been condensed into these five areas and while predominantly there are linear elements to each of these processes it is important to realise that these should rather be viewed fluidly and as a continuous cycle. INCo continuously works with its clients to consider and revise and strengthen each of these areas with information gathered in the other four.

INCo  is fundamentally based on this cyclical process as in a way each of our clients have already experienced a version of this loop – but from the point of view as a potential lead. This is because INCo’s own SMarketing team use this same Five Step Process – and so every single one of our clients are a testimonial to its success!

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