Boom! Week 2 of training is done and dusted with another 16 miles in the good old running shoes for the INCo Harriers – we are officially on a roll. Our VirginGiving page has been created, links have been shared and charities have been contacted.

The routes this week were superb with the amazing Glasgow skyline being such a prominent feature – The Clyde Arc, Millennium Bridge, the STV and BBC buildings, the outstanding contrast of colours have really made this week all the better, that and, of course, my fellow INCo Harriers.

Although a landscape can be motivating, running can be tough when you feel you “aren’t doing it right” but with a great supportive team spirit, you can do anything you put your mind to and this week certainly proved this. A massive well done has to go to fellow member Kirsty Byers who, this week, put her fears to one side and completely smashed every session with both amazing confidence and ability.

Throughout any period of training or ability, be it amateur or professional, there will always be occasions where you want to give up. You may feel heavy, slow, your legs may hurt or maybe you are just having one of those weeks where you feel the world is against you.  No matter your level, training can be hard and there was an element of this during this week’s training. However with the right motivation, these feelings were truly diminished and the INCo Harriers are heading into Week 3 feeling proud that we are making a difference to so many lives and our waistlines!!!

If I have been told once, I have been told many a time…“it’s character building!”

As we mentioned in the first blog, each week I’ll be putting one of our runners ‘in the spotlight’ to let you know why they’ve decided to take on this challenge, so first up to the starters’ blocks, we’ve got our CEO, Neil Ritchie;

As the CEO of a growing Direct & Digital Marketing business I spend a large amount of my time either at desk or round a meeting room table, broken up by pounding the streets of London between client meetings. On top of running INCo, my kids are 10 and 13 and have a very busy sporting & social life, very much to the detriment of mine!! As a result of all of these time commitments I was not prioritising any time to go to the gym like I once did and was getting increasingly frustrated at my lack of exercise. I knew I had to find something that would motivate me, was flexible regarding when I could commit the time to it, and also got me outside more. Running seemed like the obvious choice!!

I have spent all of my working life involved in sales either in my past career as a Sales Director for an ERP solution provider, or as part of INCo…I love a target and working out how to achieve it.  So once the decision was taken to start running with my colleagues in INCo, we decided we needed a target to achieve and keep us training through the dark winter months! In an inspired moment Lou our Chief Motivation Officer / Drill Sargent suggested the Edinburgh Half Marathon which twelve of us agreed was an excellent event to train for and duly signed up.

For me the initial motivation was personal fitness, however running with the INCo Harriers has been a great decision as the team is a cross section of the company helping me get to know more of the guys on a different level. There is a real camaraderie developing which I am sure will provide benefits back to the company in addition to furthering all our own personal aspirations.

The INCo Harriers are a very focused bunch of mixed ability runners led from the front by Sargent Lou… Lou has developed a training plan that has been meticulously thought through covering the next 20 weeks to assist us all achieve our timing goals. I would recommend running as part of a club to anyone who wants to get a bit fitter, have a laugh with their work mates and also try to achieve a personal goal…oh and it’s all for charity too! 

If you would like to donate to our cause, please visit our page here:

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A very blurry action shot of some of the team and the lovely Clyde Arc. I think we need an official photographer.