Easter and all its chocolatey overindulgence is usually an assurance that Spring is finally here, but this week our team have been wondering if we’ve gone back in time? We’re more than positive it was Spring a few weeks ago and the sun was shining? But now, in true Scottish form, the past week has been horrendous with rain and wind – which does not make for suitable running conditions! Despite the dire weather, the INCo Harriers have been out in force with everyone clocking up the miles as we inch ever closer to D-Day.

Due to ever busy schedules, the Harriers have been spotted out on evening runs and lunch time runs; we have even had 6:30am runs! A couple of our team members decided on the 6 mile (10k) run to work on Friday morning to blow away Thursday’s wine (well they do say Thursday is the new Friday)! Additionally, our determined CEO, Neil is back in action now after picking up a ski injury back in February, and despite stating “I’m going to ease myself back in” the legend ran 13.32 miles this week. I don’t think that is easing yourself back in, however, brilliant performance and perseverance from the boss!

I wanted to give a shout out to Gavin, another Harrier and INCo Team Leader, who this week, has had no option but to train solo due to other commitments.  Despite having the Easter Break and far too much chocolate, Gavin managed to motivate himself to run 5.3 miles alone along a country path with nothing but fields and tractors to entertain himself! Well Done Gavin!

The MapMyRun app has become a vital method of communication between the INCo Harriers; from congratulating each other on another epic run to snooping on those who can’t make the team sessions to ensure they are still training, it has become the central focal point of water cooler chats and is helping to keep everyone on their toes.

The Harrier in the spotlight this week is Campaign Manager, Kirsty Byers. Kirsty has taken to running like a duck to water and can frequently be found around the West End, occasionally running further than she’d intended due to her penchant for getting lost…

I’ve been working for INCo for around 8 months now since graduating, and have been working closely with our Drill Sergeant from day one. After a bit of peer pressure (here’s looking at you Lou), INCo Harriers seemed like a great way to get involved and clear my head after a busy day. When the opportunity came along to run the Edinburgh Half Marathon, it was a really scary thought…but who doesn’t love a challenge?!

The training has been tough, especially when we have the faithful Glasgow weather to soak and sweep us away. My fellow beginner Harrier, Hayley, and myself, don’t exactly fit the criteria of avid sportswomen, but we are pushing ourselves further each day - when we’re not too busy yapping away or moaning about the rain. The money which we are raising for three incredibly deserving charities, Sarcoma UK, Macmillan Nurses and Cancer Support Scotland, is my main driving force, and I could not think of better way to motivate myself to don my trainers and get running. Now I have publicised my intentions on Facebook and pestered my lovely friends and family for donations, I can certainly feel the pressure.

8 weeks to go… the finish line (and some well-deserved wine) awaits!!

Please make all these miles on the clock worthwhile and donate to our charities below;

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