Wow! Week 3 is complete and the time is flying by, as are the INCo Harriers. We have covered another 16 miles through the streets of Glasgow City Centre despite the absolutely horrendous weather conditions and a birthday!


Some of our Happy Harriers on one of the few bright days we've had!

Training has been tough this week with Storm Jonas from America and our own Storm Gertrude bringing 60mph winds and severe rain and believe me; when the rain hits your body at that speed, it stings and makes you feel like giving up completely. We have had some minor injuries too, with Hayley “I’m not overdramatic” Pollock feeling like she’s broken every bone in her body whilst having pneumonia – what a girl! - myself feeling I’m developing Sciatica and Kirsty wondering if her legs are about to fall off.

However, despite the injuries we are a committed bunch – I even ran on my birthday (30 again!). What a way to spend your special day; completely soaked and chilled to the bone. I did get some lovely presents though and totally worked off the gigantic piece of cake, as did a few of us.

We saw Alexis gain a new Personal Best; 4 miles in 30 minutes – Go Alexis! - whilst Neil braved the weather and the hills of Bearsden alone to make sure he wasn’t missing out.

A special shout out has to go to Will this week for being Mr. Motivator and a total team player. We have different fitness and capability levels within the Harriers and Will always ensures he is running side by side with you and you are never alone - thanks Will, we need your upbeat way of looking ahead (or at the ground in some cases).

Will is part of the calling team at INCo, and spends his days finding fantastic leads across many campaigns. There’s a bit of competition in the Campaign Managers office to get Will on one of our campaigns as he always delivers! We asked him to tell us what made him sign up for the Edinburgh Half Marathon and how he’s coping;

Well, I’ve always enjoyed running, and in 2012 I started training relatively seriously, having caught ‘Olympic fever’ along with the rest of the country. Unfortunately, my Olympic legacy was short lived, and the only thing Mo Farah and I have in common today is Quorn, with Mr Farah advertising the popular meat substitute, and me having relatives in the leafy Leicestershire village.

So, nearly four years and three stone later, I’m running the half marathon to get fit and hopefully raise money for some worthy causes at the same time.  The training has been going well so far, I’m glad there’s a team of us to keep each other motivated, and when that doesn’t work, announcing my intentions on Facebook has added some useful pressure.

As for the physical side, my legs have been holding up better than I thought, but the weather and terrain have been the biggest challenge.  I can’t step out the front door without going uphill, so I’m hill training whether I want to or not, plus the local ‘young team’ have been sure to hurl plenty of abuse and snowballs, so I’m hoping the donations will make all this hardship worthwhile!

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