17-inbound.jpgOur great VP of Sales, John Macleod (@JohnMacleod182 ‏) is in Boston for the annual HubSpot INBOUND event a conference for sales and marketing professionals worldwide. Representing INCo at this prestigious event, he assured us that his social activity would be on top form, even going as far as to tweet that he would be upping his twitter game”. 

16 hours later and those of us not attending the event saw very little evidence of the existence of this so called ‘game’. And so, we set him a challenge… INBOUND Bingo.

John has been tasked with 12 photo opportunities which we think will prove his superior twitter skills.  

INBOUND Bingo – The Rules

  • All tweets must include the #INBOUNDbingo
  • Photo evidence must be present where possible, otherwise no points will be given

INBOUND Bingo – The Challenge

  • Photo of Michelle Obama accompanied by a key take away or quote 10 points

   (bonus points if your photo is a selffie) 25 points

  • Photo of John Cena accompanied by a key take away or quote 10 points

    (bonus points if he puts you in a headlock) 35 points

  •  Photo of your HubSpot swag 5 points

  • ‘Quote of the day’ (one for each day) 5 points for each day completed and additional 10 if a quote is made of each day of the event.
  • Photo of your HubSpot Pass 5 points

  • Photo of yourself in the O of  INBOUND sign 20 points

  • Tell us about your favourite workshop & why  10 points
  • Take a photo of the festivities at the Seaport party 5 points

  • Get a Handshake with Halligan   – No proof no points

  • Tell us about the best sales lessons lesson learned 20 points

    (bonus points if you can give us a “fluffy marketing" one too)  20 points

  • Take a photo at the Inbound Rocks After Party 5 points
  • Convince another HubSpotter to take part in INBOUND Bingo 100 points
     (Bonus points for every one thereafter) 15 points

  • Greatest take away from the event as you journey home 15 points

 We’ll be keeping score of how well John does, but why not follow along and let us know what you think of his twitter skills!