Leadership_Image.jpgOur clients and prospects come to us because they struggle with marrying up their Inbound and Outbound Marketing in order to maintain a healthy sales pipeline. A hybrid approach of Direct & Digital Marketing has become the cornerstone of our organisation – it has taken root at the heart of all our own sales and marketing operations while also becoming integral to our service offering.

The shift to this approach is one that has to start somewhere and this methodology must permeate your organisation in order to result in successful delivery; new processes and procedures must be introduced for new ways of thinking to take hold. Most often it is within the marketing teams that a shift in strategy begins. But what is commonly left unclear is how far throughout your organisation the adoption should spread and what this adoption process should look like.

Hybrid Marketing

Within marketing it’s fairly clear – an inbound marketing team is one which strives to understand who their audience is and the journey they will be undertaking. With this insight marketing teams are better able to provide content which attracts, converts, closes and delights. By embracing these principles, you are able to attract the types of prospects that make the best kinds of customers. In theory the more leads marketing convert the fuller your sales pipeline will be. However, if the hybrid approach hasn’t yet reached sales it is possible that the leads haven’t either.

Taking your Hybrid Approach into Sales

In the same way that the shift in buyer’s behaviour has influenced the way prospects seek information from marketing, the ways in which they interact with sales has also changed. A prospect is no longer dependent on sales to access information pertinent to purchasing decision. Up until this point your prospects journey has been self-led and an experience derived from the inbound principles. As the prospect transitions from marketing to sales their experience should remain consistent.

Inbound Sales is no longer focused solely on making a sale but rather about building trust and helping people make informed buying decisions. By basing the entire process on the buyer, sales conversations will become about providing advice on your buyer’s challenges. The more you can learn about your prospects your conversion rate to customer will grow.

The Rest of your Organisation

Once a prospect has become a customer, it’s up to the other functions within your organisation to delight your customers. The Direct & Digital approach is more than just a way of doing things, it’s a mentality which everyone in your organisation must hold. You have begun to define yourself as a leader; a pioneer of thought and innovation within your market place. It must be upheld throughout the rest of your customer’s experience. Your organisation as a whole should embody the leadership position and values first created with the sales and marketing teams.

Great Oak Trees come from Tiny Acorns

The combining of Direct and Digital becomes about more than just the incorporating new processes. It becomes an attitude; a way of thinking that should affect every interaction between you and your audience. Achieving a leadership position in the marketplace is no easy feat but it can start small.  Incorporating a few Direct and Digital processes will begin to change the ways in which you engage with your prospect.

If you would like to learn more about implementing an integrated approach, why not download our checklist; How to Run a Direct and Digital Marketing Campaign.

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