Marketing has made such a huge shift in the last few years, you’d be forgiven for not having a chance to catch your breath and evaluate the success of your marketing campaigns until now. However, if you get a moment to sit down and really review what you’re gaining out of your multi-channel marketing you might find that by focusing on the big fish that come through you’re missing the rest of the ocean.

The Current Environment

So many firms in a B2B market these days are Tweeting, and using LinkedIn to try and reach their preferred audience, on top of eMarketing, and other, more traditional forms of marketing such as networking, referrals, outbound marketing, etc, and this is great!

Now, some of these channels can provide warm leads instantly, and some require you build a following, keep consistent and the leads will eventually trickle in as decision makers find you along their Buying Journey.

However, it can be overwhelming for even the largest of organisations to keep track of, and remember to interact with each and every one of these campaigns in order to build that following and nurture those leads – on top of trying to follow up the warm leads you’ve brought in from elsewhere.

So what do you do?

In order to gain the highest ROI possible on a multi-channel marketing campaign, you must be able to engage with and close all the leads that come into the business, regardless of how many leads that equates to. Now, with the best will in the world, even if you worked 24/7, this may not be possible or always a successful use of your time.

How can INCo help?

INCo can help in a number of ways;

  • We can take on your marketing funnel and nurture warm leads until they are sales-ready
  • We can take on one of your channels and focus our energies on generating leads from this channel to pass on to you
  • We can also help develop a full multi-channel strategy and help you manage this to assist you generate as many leads as possible from your target market

INCo understands that in today’s market, decision makers will most likely have chosen a supplier before they ever engage with a salesperson; and so reaching them much earlier in their buyer journey is the best way to close them as a customer.

However, INCo has also realised that no matter how many emails a prospect has opened, how many of your tweets they have retweeted, and how often they have been on your website, at some point they must engage with the prospect to close the sale eventually.

And that’s where we come in…

Our clients, from small and growing companies, to international organisations with personnel spread across the globe, all come to INCo because they have one thing in common; they’re struggling to get themselves in front of their buying markets on a consistent basis, and one of their biggest enemies is time and available resource.

We work with these clients and help develop a strategy that allows us to act as their Inside Sales Team – so that their internal sales team can focus on attending meetings, closing opportunities and delighting customers.

With a team of inside sales professionals whose sole purpose is to use telemarketing to identify Qualified Sales Opportunities for our clients to turn them into satisfied customers. Telemarketing has changed in the industry and our staff knowledgably call out to decision makers to engage them with our clients' value proposition, follow up on email opens, and white paper downloads, and really work with decision makers who are already on their Buyers Journey.

Through this we have in-depth and valuable conversations, really understand the prospects needs and challenges and position our clients products or services as the answer to these challenges.

Why not maximise your digital marketing and speak to INCo today!

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