There are thousands of successful mid-size professional services firms within the UK and many more around the globe that know they’re not achieving their full potential.

These companies might originate from several different industry sectors including accounting, law, technology consulting, financial services, management consulting, engineering and construction, among others.

Whilst they are normally very good at what they do, they are often not the best-known firm in their industry, and can be a hidden gem.
Historically, much of a professional services firm’s growth typically may have come from client referrals, strategic alliances and acquisition of other firms. They want to protect their reputation by ensuring they can serve each client very well, however their market share is often a fraction of the available market, and the firm's leaders know this.
Senior Partners may have tried a number of strategies over the years to achieve growth, often with inconsistent results and poorly defined ROI.
We interviewed Colin Abercrombie, INCo’s CCO, a Chartered Accountant for over 30 years, having had his own practice and been a Partner in a mid-tier accountancy firm for over 5 years.
Take a look at what he had to say about the challenges the firm faced growing the business and how the adoption of a technology based sales and marketing process helped them generate significant new business. 
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