Recently, we engaged with a prospective client who asked us a question that made us sit back and think: what makes INCo different?

It got us thinking about how that prospect even reached INCo in the first place. Through an exercise of market profiling and data building, we’d reached out to this prospect historically and, after discovering that they didn’t currently have an active requirement for lead generation, we stored their contact details and moved on.

Fast forward to today and INCo has introduced our Digital Marketing and HubSpot practice. We have invested in inbound marketing to expand our service offering, while developing our outbound skills to keep us at the top of our game. This shift is something we have communicated through social media, blogging and e-marketing and here is where our story begins.

The Case

This prospect received one of our targeted email newsletters detailing our most recent blog posts; clicked on one of the blogs and ended up on the website where a lot of our content piqued his interest. Our inside sales team were notified of this, thanks to our marketing team and the marketing automation software we use, and they were able to pick up the phone and engage with the contact to see how INCo could help.

We see our closed-loop reporting strategy working perfectly in this instance, as communication between our sales and marketing teams led to sales being able to speak to a key contact, in a time frame where INCo was still on their mind, and as a result have managed to organise a meeting with our VP Sales this month.

Talking through the pain points and needs, the prospect expressed a disappointment with traditional lead generation campaigns in the past – not as successful as expected, not receiving the right quality of leads, etc – and was interested to know how our expanded value proposition is different to other lead generation companies.

INCo's Value Proposition

At INCo, we strongly believe a combined direct and digital marketing strategy is the best way to generate leads in today’s market – regardless of what industry you are in. We specialise in IT and Consulting firms, and now that so many of their products and services are cloud-based or digital, it is extremely important for them to communicate with their customers in a similar way, to ensure they are regarded as knowledgeable and trustworthy in the field. We work hard to get our IT and Consulting clients in front of their buying markets and using a combination of inbound and outbound marketing is allowing our access to go from strength to strength.

Almost all of INCo’s long-term clients have invested in telemarketing and other outbound strategies before and for many of them their chosen outsource partner let them down, hence their moving to INCo. However pure outbound in with an “old school” approach will not get anyone the maximum results possible. For this reason INCo has introduced various elements of inbound in all our client campaigns. These same clients have also invested heavily in digital, blogging, downloadable content, social media, however this has left them with digital expressions of interest, likes and shares…these are not sales ready and their digital agency don’t have the skills to turn them into MQL’s, SQL’s or Qualified Sales Opportunities!

INCo Does!

Direct and Digital unifies marketing’s strategy with the qualification criteria of the sales team whilst optimising lead generation and the resulting ROI. INCo delivers direct and digital campaigns using HubSpot which allows our teams (both the direct Business Development team & our Marketing Services team) and our client to collaborate to drive all traffic, email and verbal engagement through the marketing funnel into the sales pipeline.

INCo can help you take cost out of your marketing spend, improve the lead volumes and bring together Sales and Marketing. Please get in touch so we can share our experience, and suggest how we can help you achieve this level of integration and success in your business.

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