I cannot believe how quickly the time is going, we have now completed week 4 of training and only have another 16 to go! This may seem long to others but that is only another 72 training sessions to work on our pace and smash our personal targets before the Edinburgh Half Marathon on May 28th. 

As the sessions are progressing so are the Harriers’ aspirations and goals. We have some with time goals looking to complete the route in 1 hour 45 minutes, we have others with fitness goals - looking to just complete it unharmed and the rest have dignity goals, just looking to complete it before the sweeper bus gets them!

Regardless of which goals they’re after, the training so far has matched our personal goals and we covered another 18 miles this week!  This saw us running 5 miles each night through the week and the first 6-miler (10k) on Saturday morning.  As we are a polite bunch I will not disclose what Lexi and I renamed the 6-miler but let’s just say, at 7:30am on a very rainy Saturday morning, it wasn’t good!

We introduced Hill Training this week which, while not receive the welcome I would have wanted, it was great to feel the burn in the back of the calves and stepping out of our flat comfort zone.  If anyone knows Glasgow, it can be difficult to avoid the City Centre vertical hills so we had no choice but to embrace and embark on the adventure and that we did.  Running from INCo up the Saltmarket to the infamous Glasgow Royal Infirmary  and then darting up Bath Street, passing all the pubs and restaurants was incredibly hard this week but so worth it when you ran down the other side!  I don’t think Will particularly enjoyed my company this week, but as I have said many times before: it’s character building!!

This week we are looking at a further 18 miles which we cannot wait for!!

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