cyber_security.pngThe market place is in constant flux, minor variations in the typical environment can have a substantial impact but being aware of these changes creates opportunity.

Staying ahead of the competition requires a marketing strategy agile enough to incorporate and take advantage of the new trends taking hold in the market place.



The Growing Trend of Cyber Security

2016 has been called one of the most vulnerable years yet for both public and private sector businesses in terms of data breaches, hacks and general cyber security.

The need for cyber security systems is already recognised, but so far they have been under prioritised and ill-equipped to deal with to deal with the malicious attacks growing in both number and ingenuity.

In recent years’ the security defences of big name brands such as TalkTalk, Three, Tesco Bank, and Ashley Madison have each crumbled under pressure making it abundantly clear that cyber security will need to be a top priority for all organisations.

As a market, it is one that is set to grow, offering vendors an abundance of opportunity.

Having reached a value of $75 billion in 2015, the cyber security market is currently the largest technology sector and with figures estimated to reach $101 billion in 2018 before growing to $170 billion by 2020, it is also considered to be one of the fastest growing (Markets and Markets).

Generating Leads in a Shifting Market Place

A dramatically growing market place, such as the cyber security industry, is one of promising opportunity; as more and more people recognise the need to increase spending in this area, the possibilities for sales pipeline growth also increase.

In a market place with high number of competitors and a rapidly evolving landscape, successful lead generation relies heavily being recognised as providing value to your prospects – both in the solutions and services you offere and as an industry thought leader.

Educational content is the currency of an inbound marketing campaign; offered to potential customers in exchange for their contact details and a key component in attracting, converting and closing customers.  A marketing strategy focused on content creation and delivery can generate a reliable source of website traffic which can be then converted into qualified leads.

Creating a Content Marketing Strategy for Lead Generation:

Research your personas –  Only by knowing your ideal customer can you start to identify the challenges they are facing and the types of the information they need to see from you and the industry before engaging.

Perform a content audit – Understand what content you currently have and review its performance. Are there items that can be repurposes or updated? Do you have content pieces for each persona at each stage of the buyer’s journey? What content gaps can you identify?

Identify content topics – Work with what you know about your personas and what content you have to outline the needed topics that will be of the most relevance and interest to your target market.

Determine the format – eBooks, whitepapers, case studies, guides, blog posts, infographics. The list goes on, determine which lay out will work best with the content you have and have the greatest impact on your buying audience.

Promote your content – Use the information you know about your personas to create a strategy to promote and deliver your content pieces. Only once your content is shared online can your audience interact and engage with it.

Follow up - Once your website visitors have turned into leads how you follow up with them is important. Calls and emails that scream sales are immediately off putting. Each engagement you have with your prospects should be consultative and educational, demonstrating the complete value your organisation can provide and building lasting trust.


As cyber security concerns grow, the number opportunities for the vendors of these solutions and services are also on the rise. In such a lucrative market place, a direct and digital marketing strategy that encompass the promotion and distribution of educational content is one that will drive website traffic and generate high quality leads.

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