email_engagement_part2.pngIn our first blog in the series (you can read this here), we looked at two tips to improve engagement within email marketing

1. Start with a clean and targeted list of contacts.
2. Send from a real person, your prospects can actually respond to.

In this blog, we will cover an additional 3 tips to help you make every email count. Including CTA placement, mobile optimisation and personalisation.

Although the content you produce will play an integral role in how engaging your message is, there are other tips and tricks you can use to leverage this content and really drive engagement with your prospects.
  1. A/B test your CTA placement

Now, this is a tip that may have the old marketer in you shuddering, as historically we were told to put the CTA at the top or our emails, to make it the first thing our prospect see to try to boost engagement. But the internet has evolved, the way your prospects engage with marketing messages has evolved and if we don’t evolve with it, then we will miss out on opportunities to generate new leads.

Thanks to the growth of social media platforms scrolling have become second nature to our prospects, so tell your story and grab their attention before throwing a CTA they know nothing about in their face. If they don’t know why they are clicking, what they get for their action, and why they need it, they won’t engage. According to Litmus, the average time people spend on skimming marketing emails is up to 11.1 seconds, so make the use of this time and tell them why they should click.

Now that’s not to say that having the CTA above the fold is incorrect, it is usually a good thing, we’re just advocating experimentation. If you have historically placed the CTA at the top of your email and this is having declining results, try a new placement, trust your copy to give them the facts and increase the likelihood of a clickthrough.

Why not split your data set in two and send one version with a CTA near the top and the second version with a CTA below the fold and see what your prospects respond to. Marketing best practices don’t always work for everyone, find out what works for your prospects and make this your own best practice.

  1. Optimise your email for mobile

Wither we like it or not, we all seem to be checking our emails before we get to the office and switch on our screens, power up our pc or even make our first coffee. This is most likely due to the fact we have our work emails on our mobiles or our laptops and want to know what challenges or triumphs the day has in store for us.

Our own email marketing results show that on average 40% of our opens come from mobile devices, yet some people still don’t take the time to optimise their mailers for this medium. So here are some easy ways to optimise your message for mobile users.

  • Reduce image file size

Stunning images can increase engagement, but if they take too long to load your prospect can lose interest lowering your conversion rate. There are tools available to reduce image file size without compromising quality.

  • Resize your image to fit smaller screens

As the famous saying goes a picture is worth a thousand words, but if only half your image shows up on mobile screens, it probably says a bit less. Resizing your image for mobile is a quick step that might not make a big difference if it’s done, but will definitely be noticed if it isn’t.

  • Increase the size and watch the spacing of your CTA’s and links for mobile

No matter how nimble your prospects fingers are, they will never have the same dexterity as a mouse. So make things a little bit easier by making links and CTA’s easier to click, if they can’t click on them easily they won’t.

For the best user experience possible, make sure CTA’s are bigger than 57x57 pixels (the biggest average size of an adult index finger) and space them far enough apart that they won’t accidentally be clicking two links at once.

  1. Personalise your email

When you swipe your badge and walk into the office, slowly rubbing the sleep from your eyes and wonder slowly towards the beacon of caffeine that will get you through this day, and the lovely individual behind the counter simply says “Usual?”, everything seems a little bit better. There is a lot to be said for not just the convenience of this but just how nice it is to be remembered.

You worked hard to get your valuable prospect information so why hit them with a generic hi there or a dear sir or madam? It just feels cold. Firstly, personalisation increases conversions, when you tailor your message to the individual it resonates. Hubspot allows us to personalise various aspects of the prospects journey, from subject lines to openings, to dynamic CTA’s based on their browsing habits or previous interactions with the organisation to populating fields on a landing page and sending a personalised thank you email when they have been spurred to action.

By combining all of the tips we have featured in this two-part blog series you will empower your content to really engage with your prospects. By sending your marketing messages to the right people, letting them know it's coming from a human, finding out how they interact with CTA’s, optimising it for their preferred device and personalising it to what they actually want you will see not only improved marketing results, but you will have better conversations that enable your salespeople to build valuable relationships and close business.


In the meantime, why not download our Sales Email template pack for some ready made email sequences, empowering you to engage with prospects old and new.