There is no denying that a Direct & Digital marketing strategy is one of the best ways to drive B2B lead generation results and grow sales pipeline. But developing your campaign across this increased number of platforms and channels isn’t without its own complications. Overcoming these challenges can only be achieved with intensive and effective b2b campaign management. A successful campaign requires the co-ordination and integration of a unified marketing message; the setting of campaign goals; the design of a cross-channel strategy; a developed plan for its delivery; a continued understanding of progress in relation to budget and goals; ensuring the direct follow up of leads found through digital means and an analysis of results. Not a simple process.

A campaign without process management is a scary thought and one that is likely doomed for failure.

At INCo we have a dedicated team of Campaign Managers. Each lead generation campaign delivered by INCo is assigned its very own campaign manager; who supervises the campaign from start to finish; ensures campaign results and enables a strong relationship to flourish between INCo and each of our clients. They are the perfect combination of project and account managers.

As the main point of contact, it becomes the Campaign Manager's responsibility to oversee the varied tasks, processes and procedures that comprise a direct and digital lead generation campaign. This includes the design, training, set-up, launch, analysis, and reporting. While also working closely with Business Development and Inbound Marketing Teams to ensure that a correct blend of direct and digital services are being deployed to a consistently high standard that will drive results.

This can be an intensive and detail orientated role as a campaign cannot run without an end or success insight. Measured against the goals set by the client, INCo’s Campaign Managers ensure that each campaign performs successfully while also remaining on time and on budget.

INCo’s Campaign Management Team are a serious bunch that excel in delivering successful b2b lead generation campaigns on behalf of their clients. As professional as they are they also know how to have fun and this makes them an invaluable part of Team INCo ...despite how they dressed for work this morning. 

If you are looking for a way to take the scary out of your lead generation campaign this Halloween download our free checklist 'How to Run a Direct & Digital Marketing Campaign' to help keep everything on track.


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