black_friday.pngBlack Friday and Cyber Monday are days that in recent years have started to filter from the calendars of savvy American consumers into calendars and marketing strategies of companies worldwide.  In the last couple of years they have become some of the busiest shopping days of the year for our counterparts in B2C, but why should it stop there?

In B2B we often let the B2C marketers and sales reps have all the fun, but there is no reason we shouldn’t explore the potential benefits of these occasions for ourselves and our prospects.  In this blog we will look at four ways we can benefit from Black Friday and Cyber Monday in B2B.

1. Increase interest among your prospect and generate new leads.

Unlike those in retail we do not have to slash our prices to boost enquires and sales, on these days. Rather we can offer our prospects something of value that relates to their unique needs such as a free eBook, a free consultation with an expert, a free workshop or a walkthrough of a new technology.  We are in the unique position to be able to increase interest and generate new leads by adding value not discounts.

2. Spur your prospects to action

The term Black Friday and Cyber Monday conjure thoughts of wonderful value, great deals and one time only bargains in the mind of our consumers. Now, regardless of if this is right or wrong it provides our messaging with a sense of urgency that can be harnessed to close deals and generate new leads.

People rush to the shops or to their screens to make purchases that may not have been a priority on other days as they believe the deals they are seeing will not last. Take advantage of this terminology and spur your prospect to action in eMarketing, social media posts and by have your sales team using the term in the conversations they have in their conversations.

3. Stay a step of the head of the competition

The perception of Black Friday and Cyber Monday as being predominantly B2C occasions can be a real benefit to those early adopters within the B2B industries, as there is a chance that your competitors will not be running any offers. If you are the only organisation in the industry participating, capitalise on it. Advertise your promotion and let your prospects know that they will not find your value proposition elsewhere. This will definitely catch the eye of a potential lead and will provide you with a competitive advantage within your market.

4. Revamp your campaigns

I know that it’s already well into the month of October and you may already have your campaign plans in place but this doesn’t mean you can’t test the water on this occasion ahead of a full programme for next year. We have already covered the sense of urgency we can convey by putting Black Friday and Cyber Monday into our messaging so tweak yours to include this and really drive new business.

If you have tweets scheduled and a blast due to go out on Thursday why not tweak this now, it's never too late to try a new technique and you may surprise yourself with the results.

Marketing and salessales_enablement_cover.png require constant innovation in order to ensure we maintain our status in our industry and surpass the competition. The repurposing of B2C sales occasions and such can prove to be an ideal means to do so, without cutting prices and without using valuable resources.

Sales enablement has emerged as another innovative tool that we can use to empower our sales team and maintain connections with every prospect in our pipeline. To learn more on how you can empower your sales team, download our sales enablement eBook here.