Easter is seen as a time for new beginnings; a reorganisation can be all it takes to spring new growth. A well organised and up-to date CRM can be the same.

In a lead generation campaign, the CRM is at the heart of the operation and if this is cluttered, unorganised and at worst inaccurate it can be difficult to see how the rest of the campaign will fare any better.

Your CRM should be able to track and report on the detailed movements of every single one of your prospects as they interact with your organisation as they progress through their buyer’s journey – it is a fountain of highly complex information.

For numerous reasons the more information your CRM collects the better.

INCo emphasises the importance of establishing a relationship with its clients through a closed feedback loop – a continuous stream of information exchange – and this can only be facilitated by a CRM. Depending on the nature of our client’s organisation; the types of opportunities they are looking for; their information gathering processes; and even their lead qualification criteria - each database requires different elements and, sometimes even, a different management approach. So not only is it important to be able to put this information into your CRM you must also be able to get it out in a comprehensive format – reporting and analysis is an integral part of a successful lead generation campaign.

So how do you stop it from getting messy?

  • Evaluate what information you need to collect
  • Look at the big picture and outline what information you need to have; what information it would be nice to have; and the irrelevant information

Consider the nature of the information you aim to collect and how best to represent it;

o Text and numeral data are conveyed and understood differently,

o Free form text boxes and drop down menus both have their pro’s and con’s, but there is a time and a place for each Understand the information collection process

o From landing pages; initial conversations; emails ect. this information will be received in different formats and so will implicate the manner in which it is collated and stored

The management process

o Knowing who will be using your CRM and for what purpose will also influence the way it is organised

o A standardised method for discerning the position of a prospect along their buyer’s journey is important for understanding under whose ownership a lead falls. This eliminates the possibility of a lead falling through the cracks in the transitions between the Sales and Marketing teams

Incorporate your product or services sales cycle

o You’ve just made a sale to a customer but consider how long it will take for them to start their buyers journey all over again

o What do you need to do to make sure you and your organisation are top of their consideration list – in what ways can you delight them?

o In the mean time will your customers need upgrades or additional services? How best can this information be incorporated into your CRM

These are just a few of thing INCo takes into consideration when working to create a database for a lead generation campaign for our clients. A well managed database makes for a smoother running campaign, a more efficient reporting and analysis process and a higher level of relevant feedback. It is never too late to give your CRM a spring clean.

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