As advocates of a Direct and Digital approach to B2B lead generation, we thought it was about time that we share a story that’s had us quite excited over the past few months.

Promatix first approached INCo a number of months ago with the ambition to grow their business. In the last two months we have been working closely to make these ideas a reality... INCo has been able to deliver 25 leads in the first two months, as well as driving an increase of more than 50% in website traffic.

The Challenge

Having previously sustained their business on referrals; Promatix came to INCo looking for a way to take the next steps. Halfway to achieving their year one target, Promatix came to INCo for an outsourced marketing and lead generation service which would accelerate their growth.

Alongside many other businesses in the UK, the Brexit vote, brought new factors to the table. As an SME, Promatix wished to increase their market share to secure their opportunity for growth. Promatix partnered with INCo to achieve their goals of driving market presence and growing revenue in line with the year one target. 

The Story

As Promatix were new to the idea of inbound marketing and how it can accelerate lead generation, INCo started from the very beginning. In one of the very first sessions we worked with Promatix to outline and develop their Buyer Personas, feeding this information into keyword research and the content creation processes. Choosing to utilise HubSpot, INCo were able to take full advantage of the marketing automation services. Using the platform INCo was able to attract and convert prospects through a successful inbound marketing strategy, incorporating social media, blogging and email marketing.  Promatix were able to demonstrate successful market knowledge and experience through their blog publications and drive high CTA click through rates by offering a valued content piece.

With use of an inbound marketing strategy, supported by the automation of HubSpot, INCo was able to successfully generate expressions of interest, converting them into MQLs. By collecting the intelligence gathered about these MQLs, INCo’s Inside Sales team were able to engage in highly informed conversations with the prospects – qualifying SQLs which were then passed to Promatix to progress as pipeline. By combining a Direct and Digital method to lead generation INCo was able to provide an end to end marketing and business development service; driving closer to achieving their goals.

The Results

Promatix entire lead generation and program of lead nurturing has been moved into HubSpot, allowing complete alignment between sales and marketing, integration between marketing channels and comprehensive access to all analytics and reporting features. This has enabled Promatix to take complete control of all opportunities once they have become Sales Qualified.

Promatix & INCo success in black and white:

In just two months INCo have been able to provide Promatix with:

  • 25 leads
  • A growth in website traffic by 60% from month one to month two
  • A website traffic conversion rate of 4% - the top 25% of HubSpot clients have a 3.1% conversion rate!
  • A 400% increase in contacts
  • A growth in blog subscribers of 800%
  • An increase in blog views of 80% from month one to month two
  • A CTA click rate of 50% in the top performing blog
  • A 67% conversion rate on our highest performing landing page

Can you see why we are so excited yet?

What’s next?

What’s more exciting than seeing these success figures? The knowledge that the relationship between Promatix and INCo is only in its infancy.

Promatix is still very much in the early stages of their growth story and INCo are thrilled to continue being a part of it. INCo have recently begun working with Promatix on a re-design and development of their website, giving them a fresh and competitive edge to present to the market. The lead generation campaign is far from over and with these initial figures we really excited to see the results.

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