Social Media has rapidly become a form of communication that is as natural as breathing for many people. Individuals have been using it to interact with the brands they buy from to keep track of reviews and new product or serrvice launches, and to support their favourite brands. And so, it is wholly unsurprising that people have taken social platforms and applied it to their professional lives as well.  Social media has become a way in which the modern world builds relationships which influence purchasing decisions; an individual doesn’t change the way they build relationships when they go to work and become buyer personas like ‘CIO Simon’ or CFO Fiona. Recognising this is key when developing a truely succesful Lead Generation and Business Development campaign that is supported by Social Media.

Social media isn’t just for B2C interactions but B2B as well.

So if social media is something each of us uses in our daily lives without thinking why should we develop a strategy for its use in a lead generation campaign?

When we as individuals venture in to the world of social media we know what sort of things we are looking for; the aims we hope to achieve and the kinds of people we’d like to interact with. With this information we can make both reactive and proactive decisions in alignment with these pieces of information bringing us closer to achieving your goals.

An organisations social media presence should be no different except that it could be difficult to contextualise what an organisation hopes to achieve through social media interactions. A well defined Social Media Strategy should start with clear goals of what an organisation hopes to achieve: developing brand awareness; conversions; or conversations and interactions.

When it comes to a lead generation campaign, mistakes can be made when marketing managers focus on questions such as;

  • What should we be posting?
  • What mediums should we use?

This places far too much focus on the social media channels themselves and less on the important stakeholder in this scenario; your prospective customer. Successful social media strategies start by asking questions such as:

  • Who am I targeting?
  • How often per day do they spend on social media?
  • Which social media channels do they focus on?

When running a campaign of this nature, it should be understood that there will be a number of potential customers at different stages in the buyers’ journey, each requiring a different kind of interaction to capture and retain their attention which should be incorporated into the strategy. If you ask yourself the correct questions before creating this strategy, your organisation should be better prepared and more relevant when you begin marketing through social media.

A social media strategy should outline exactly how your organisation aims to grow brand awareness in target audiences; position itself as a knowledgeable leader in its market and how it hopes to create dialogue and interactions surrounding industry trends. As we mentioned in our previous blog about Content Strategy, this outline should be as specific as font type and size and post length, where relevant.

Your organisation should already have a content strategy and therefore be writing and publishing content that speaks to your audience, but social media is about amplifying that voice and pushing your content beyond your clients and their word of mouth, attracting prospective clients to your organisation through the promotion of relevant and knowledgeable posts about industry-specific topics.  

Social media is likely to be one of the fist places a prospective client interacts with your organisation; this means it is essential to create a good impression - the same kind of impression you would hope any one of your staff members would leave. Each of these messages should remain consistent in voice, tone and branding as a prospect progresses through the buyers journey and then into the role of customer.

By developing a strong social media strategy that all in your organisation adheres to, you should be able to consistently convert those prospective customers and drive them down the sales funnel with a targeted approach creating qualified sales opportunities that hopefully close to satisfied customers.

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